GOOD KARMA. Stage 2 selection. Winter Remote Games 2018-2019

Friday 23 November, 2018

The selections for the 7th Winter Remote Games are gaining momentum. As already stated, they pass in the field of Good Karma.

So, throughout the 7th Winter distance games, we will be affirmed in our awareness, at this stage of the selection, we need to demonstrate self-discipline, the players were asked to perform conscious (walks). Morning twilight, early rise, regularity, weather - should wake them from the usual SNA.

And the one who was waking up consciously, could, during this task, notice the game of Consciousness and play with him to pass to the next stage of selections.

The group for Remote Games is usually recruited during the Winter tamasic period of the season and is the longest form of group retreat (together with selections about 3.5 months).

How long, soon, but already the main group of players have passed the second stage of the selection.

It is important to understand that the distance game itself and everything that happens to you at this time is a rally of consciousness. And your game is to see it.

Know that the World is constantly talking to you, and then, when you are entangled in the labyrinths of your mind, you doubt, you got scared of something ... It’s just that you need to calm the mind a bit and come to a state of inner silence ... Silence is the best doctor for anxiety ... When this is realized, the boundary between the inner and the outer is erased and everything is seen as One. Notice the Signs, paying attention to them. Traffic lights simply indicate the desired color. Lighthouses just shine. He who has eyes, let him hear ...

In this summary, the draws are collected as they arrive, as the players play while everyone is at their own pace.

Jogging. Walking.

  • Observed mind as he was alarmed by the new routine. A certain mechanism in the mornings has long been formed: he got up, meditation, got ready, went to work. But the spontaneity and now did not work. The mind controlled, planned, worried. Maybe someone needs more discipline and responsibility, but obviously not for me.
  • On the street there was peace of mind, loneliness, heightened susceptibility. The weather is still warm, the body is nice. Reflections were not special. It was just the perception of these manifestations, this life, which is changing right before your eyes. At the beginning of the walk - one, quiet and deserted, and at the end - the other, waking up and dynamic.
  • An interesting experience happened one day. Before waking up, I had a dream. Then the alarm rang, and I woke abruptly. I saw very clearly that in the dream I was completely identified with the character. I sincerely believed that everything that happened happened to me. And then I saw the illusion of this. In the waking state, there is no such rigid identification. Knowing yourself allows you to remain alert.
  • At the weekend, the city is still asleep at this time, there was complete peace and quiet, sounds and movement of people and cars were activated on weekdays. One day, in my opinion, when I got the assignment, going outside to work, passing by a beautiful tree with orange yellow foliage, I received the phrase "You take off your clothes again, as if happiness came to hug you ... and at this moment the leaf from this tree fell on my face. I experienced the happiness of Oneness with tree and Nature, the day began with Blessing .... My first walk when I entered the silence of a sleeping city and Nature began with the realization that everything seemed to stop, although one from the birds already started my song of awakening, I entered in this silence .... Walking down the street, the trees began to pull me towards themselves and the walk continued through lucid embraces with trees, they attracted me to themselves, as if they wanted to tell me their story and just exchange their energy with me, an amazing feeling of merging with Nature .... I wanted to play with my feet with fallen leaves from trees and I played, making sounds of fallen leaves. The leaves sang their last song in this incarnation ... Embracing the trees, I thanked them for decorate our planet and cleanse zhuh for us. Each tree has its own character, I found a nail in one of the trees, but unfortunately I could not pull it out, it sat so deeply and firmly .... remembered my childhood, as girls and I hoped that blue roses would grow on the trees, we decided to save the trees from nails and consciously helped the trees to get rid of them ... roses did not grow but these actions filled our children's hearts with kindness .... I go further, watching the birch tree, thanks to the dance with the wind, the gentle rustle of its foliage bending like garlands welcomes me ... people arrive in a dream but Nature is waking up, awakening slowly ... a man appeared a man, ..... apparently he was in a hurry to work ... some work on weekends ... I feel his tension — this is transmitted through his back, the constraint of the whole figure ... first for a second she experienced the fear of surprise, tracked him lived and let go .... passing by the playground, seeing the swing, I wanted to take a ride on it, which I did with pleasure! Although I am already 46 years old, but how nice it is not to feel the age and just Be !!! The bells sounded at this moment ... and I felt the presence of Consciousness in everything and that It contacts with me and we are poured into each other and become One Whole, It is Light ... but the Sun cannot be seen, gray clouds enveloped the whole sky, but I know that it is there and the birds are increasingly beginning to greet the New Day !!!! And I walk along the Earth ... and everything around me is dear to me .... I go out for another walk, by the way, waking up from a night's sleep, I had no problems, some kind of mechanism was activated in me and I easily got up earlier than usual for seven days ... Fog on the street, I remembered the cartoon "Hedgehog in the Fog" .... Hedgehog .... teddy bear .... horse .... Fog ... and in life the fog of sleep envelops us and we we forget about our True Nature ... I see a lantern that illuminates my path despite the fog, so Consciousness is always with us - always here, our lighthouse - I am Consciousness.
  • On the first day of the assignment I woke up at 4:30 and could not bring myself to sleep a wink, I already wanted to go for a walk. But the walk itself caused a lot of disappointment to me. It was cold, dark, the autumn wind was blowing, I began to realize that I was wearing the wrong clothes, the wrong shoes and in general, I did not like everything. I didn’t like that the summer was over, that there was dry grass around, puddles, disorder, in the private sector, complete disintegration and mismanagement. Oblique old houses, fallen fences, trash under their feet, everywhere it is dark and damp. I burst into tears from protest against reality, from the fact that I can not go anywhere from here, that I deserve to live only here. I remembered my childhood, I also marched to school in the same impenetrable darkness, among the frozen garbage dumps and drunks, small, with a flashlight, hiding myself and encouraging myself. Now I’m an adult, independent, but in my heart the still not matured girl (maybe an indecisive coward?) I also walk through the garbage dumps and try to think about what needs to be changed in my life. The wind blew, tears spread over my face, I walked and felt sorry for myself, as if there had been no 40 years gap between my childhood and today. I began to wonder why I did not change anything in my life? So many read different literature, passed many courses, schools of personal growth and spiritual practices. I see and understand a lot, but I don’t use anything in my life, letting the dog wag its tail. I am probably a successful business woman, an exemplary wife and mother, an exemplary daughter — everything that I drew for myself has realized everything. But this is not me myself, I am just as pathetic and defenseless, a little girl walking in the garbage. I dreamed of always leaving this swamp, which for forty years had not changed at all, but I don’t know what prevents me. So I walked in tears and reflections, then I noticed that the sun was rising - a majestic and beautiful, something happened to me - I suddenly felt clearly that my soul is clean, bright, that it is this sun, and all the rubbish around, cold and darkness is NOTHING compared to this beautiful phenomenon, a miracle! All this rubbish that I notice around is what keeps my soul, my sun from me. My dissatisfaction and disagreement divides me from my soul. How simple it turned out to understand how difficult it is to overcome! Instead of the allotted 30 minutes, I skipped 2 hours!
  • I remembered that I had to be unlocked with the body, to think that my thoughts were not me! Sometimes I clearly feel that I am not the body, but this happens not when I insist on setting myself up, but spontaneously, before that, nothing foreshadows, I can even go in the morning to brush my teeth and see myself from the outside, I consider my body and I understand that I am not a body, or on the market, having seen all people, like myself, that I am all one, these are cool feelings! Love rolls over, I am ready to kiss everything and get flushed from every sound of a sledge hammer or janitor's broomstick AT THIS, I CAN'T, in the usual state, behave like a conscious character, I collapse into a body and begin to toil, stupor and get involved in various scenarios. I live as on a swing — periods of awareness are replaced by such hopelessness, such decay, oblivion! I am in awe, I see only the garbage. And I forget, without forgetting who I am.
  • Each subsequent morning did not bring anything new — I only changed places for walks. Walking along the embankment, I was horrified by the amount of piled coal in the port, there was nothing to breathe, I began to choke and quickly left. I had an allergy to coal dust, smoke from furnace heating. How to live in this city? Maybe these are signs that show you have to leave? I understand perfectly well that flight from myself will not change anything, that this world at this time reflects my world, my essence. I am looking for a response in the body, I feel the body turned to stone, tense. Fear spreads through the body in waves. I live, dissolve, disagree, it becomes easier.
  • Thanks to the morning walks, I realized this, hid from myself. Who am I and what am I? For me, these are urgent questions. I created the illusion of myself, believed in it, and realized it in life.
  • There are three parallel mental processes: ⁃ The Call of Awakening. ⁃ Sleep better and sleep sweetly. ⁃ Memory past selections - walks. Stuck on the beauty of awakening nature. Practice after: I am always in the source. Only for some reason I am sure that the thought of "I" and the idea. Returning to the source is something to which efforts should be made.
  • Definitely sleep. Even when I stamp consciously. Warm sky. Dawn in the clouds is beautiful in its own way. I admire, driving away thoughts about the definition of beauty. The rest of the sky is pure blue.
  • Anxiety. The fussiness of this new route. Thought: perhaps a day with a slight shade of darkness will be.
  • Today I was sure that my daughter would sleep. Like yesterday. Well, I worked with my fear of leaving her while she was sleeping, go for a walk. But she woke up. And sobbed bitterly. Dad barely calmed her down a bit. She came home "kipish." Dad's condemning glance. Tears daughter. But I did not back down in the form of guilt or self-blame. Saw the game. She calmly explained everything to her daughter and dad. And although the pope then also expressed his attitude to such an act of mine, again, nothing hurt. I know where love is and that I never lost it. Just thought I was losing. And my little I-girl also knows this now.
  • This morning provided the basis for the realization that if you continue to do what you are doing now, then I will remain where I was. So it's time to do something new or old, but otherwise. I walk on new paths. This walk is the deepest and hardest sleep in the sense that it resists both the psyche and the body.
  • I met the dawn on the mountain. Clouds, Light, haze in the distance ... Interpreter is sleeping.General points and conclusions:This year (my fourth qualifying walk) I went every day in a new way. And she made the most distant journey on foot - meeting the dawn on the mountain. I thought about it two previous times while I live in America. But there was so much excuse every time ... A good symbol and level of completion of 7 days of walks.Non-judgment is possible only when it concerns specific people. I noticed that basically it is a judgment, it is a mental one. But it no, no, yes, it appears.The field of the game was felt immediately, at the moment of the first selection. This is a new identity.I calmed down deeply internally. Concerns about the future are gone.
  • Flew seven days of walking, jogging. This is the experience of observing the natural awakening of nature. Everything is simple, easy, in itself happens. On the first day of thought - who will meet, who will see what he says, which is the best way to go? Who is afraid? What is afraid of? Wake up! There is no one! Who am I - one who is not affected by anything. I observe - for the moment now - breathing, bodily sensations, feelings. I observe nature - there is a natural awakening - first the sky with bright stars - then the stars become paler, the sun shines, the dawn turns red, the breeze wakes up and plays with the branches of trees. Silence, silence, majesty, peace. Self awareness through this body. One day, the thought flashed to go dark street - I go - here Consciousness begins to play - from several sides there are pedestrians with bright lanterns. The street was lit up, and after a moment it became dark again. Who is the one who was afraid to be visible? Thoughts, fears are illusory, everything is illusion. Death is just as illusory. He who I am is watching. I am all that is the whole. The character is walking along the street past the stop. At the bus stop there is a bus, waiting for passengers, the bus is driving back to pick up the Character for the trip. Character passes by. The driver angrily shouts something and drives off abruptly. And there is no one who would care. Everything happens the way it does. I realize that I fall asleep when I begin to judge someone — he shouldn’t do that, he shouldn’t, it’s not necessary. Wake up Who am I trying to condemn, who am I who controls? He who I am, free from fear, from evaluations. During the execution of this task - the practice of silence, timelessness, without thinking, the practice of non - judgment. Observation of nature. Self-awareness. There is no need to hurry, there is no fear and anxiety. To be in the moment here and now. Be this moment. Just be. I just am. Watch nature without judging anyone. There is nobody to condemn. As the night turns into day. Night. Dark. Stars silently and majestically shine in the bottomless sky. It seemed that everything froze. Tree branches rushed up. In nature, everything happens without any plan, control - light rain drizzles, reflections of light are reflected in puddles, snow flutters and covers the ground with a white blanket. Silence. Life goes on as usual, not appreciating what is good and what is bad. Everything is as it should be. Life is the knowledge of oneself. This acquisition of experience, knowledge, the wisdom of being, a conscious journey, the disclosure of oneself, of one’s own potential, is the acquisition of energy, the receipt of gifts. Awakening is the acceptance of everything as it is. Awakening is the living of any experience. Life is a constant process of self-development, life in relation to itself leads to the discovery of all creative abilities, when everything flows by itself, in a stream. And you are the flow itself. I woke up. Realizing oneself as a moment, a moment, peace, silence, eternity. I realize myself - I am hollow, infinity, integrity, love. Stay in it.
  • Right now there is an awakening. Making a report and writing it, I began to re-read it and at the end I wanted to add a character to add that it was an illusion, that it was self-delusion of the mind, as soon as it realized it, felt a smile of consciousness. I just wanted to save what I wrote for two hours, everything just disappeared. Here is a hoax. Haha Consciousness sends a smile while playing while the character is now in prostration that it is so unconscious, I accept myself as I am, imperfect, weak, undisciplined and continue to play. Consciousness checks, because self-discipline is a weak point where there is strength, pure potency, where everything is manifested right now. Everything comes according to the moment and now it is awakening. All that has been written is no longer there, there is an awareness that it is important for the character to be alert and do everything on time, and not to write at the last moment. When this happens, you have to make more effort to get out of the tamas. Passing the second stage, it was not easy to come out from a comfortable state and to manifest oneself, but going out into the street there was an awareness of who I was when I connected with the moment, I felt inner peace, silence, thoughtlessness, when everything just happened. She realized that resistance to the rules, disciplines, give an even more dependent state, the fear of the freedom to be yourself and manifest from a new level. Everything is relative in nature and inside, when you see how everything changes and everything around, this is me the manifestation of Consciousness. I woke up or sleep and so and so, everything is there and nothing. Life and death is the manifestation of one single moment of consciousness. Consciousness manifests itself in different ways and now directs attention to myself, seeing the game.
  • 6:00 I do not understand why so early. Another 30 minutes you can sleep. Laziness. The dwarf recalls that cough and disease. I turn on the other side and. Wake up Outside is not frosty, good autumn morning. Anxiety. Today, the first day we are working in test mode. Fear of not liking it. There is not enough space, nothing to entertain the children. I catch myself on the fact that the step has accelerated, I am not guided where I am going. Anxiety, no not wanting to live anxiety, makes the mind work intensively. It takes away from reality, takes power. Immersed in the illusion, I believe that this is real. Tune in for the moment now and just start to observe the feeling of anxiety. It gives way to peace and joy of understanding the moment now.
  • Awakening. All days constantly watched laziness. This is resistance. But it is very important to notice and say stop this laziness. To go in not doing. Then there are forces and desire to move.
  • Haha The character was aware of the tension, frightened by his own shadow, the idea that someone was following him, even the steps were heard indistinctly. This happens for a second, Consciousness smiled and the distrust of the character dissipated. The city was waking up, awakening the character from slumber, which in translation from English means dreams, fantasies ...
  • The feeling of heaviness in the lower back was accompanied by the thought of death, fatigue emanates from the character, how sweet it is to remain in a dream and not to lay out the heartache. There is a disengagement with this illusion of death and agreement with the manifested fear, self-awareness has followed, everything, the mind has calmed down.
  • The words of the neighbor painfully treacherously touched the soulful strings of my character: “Every man for himself”, without supporting my character in a dispute with O., exposing his duplicity, the neighbor left a wormhole of injustice. My character seemed to have coped with this, not plunging deeply into insult, a subtle understanding of the need for this experience, which exposed the feeling of loneliness, went. Self-awareness cleared the field of sadness and the idea, as it should be, was melted in the rays of love and silence. Awareness of Oneness.
  • Wandering through the deserted dark streets, caught the thought of not wanting to meet someone, the habitual tendency to close off from everything, so as not to get a “surprise” —the fear of violence breaks into the “delicate sphere of feelings”. Who does she belong to? It is just a thought, a threat of death. There is no one who would support this idle chatter. The energy of fear leaked, replaced by a simple being, where there is no owner of everything that happens.
  • Self-awareness fully filled the space of being, not giving cause for concern. Thoughts appeared, trying to bring confusion in the detected anxiety about the last event at work, threatening punishment, but not receiving support in incanking anxiety in an impersonal manifestation, the threat was replaced by a truce. The present moment just manifested itself, it was understood that fighting always happens with itself, i.e. emptiness fights with emptiness, then why worry about the illusory manifestation and come willingness to interact with any circumstances and fearlessness. Who feels it? Everything just happens.
  • The silence of the dark streets is consonant with the inner fullness, the holistic vision of all the manifestations of the present moment - changing pictures of the landscape, movements of cars, rare pedestrians, sensations of the character breathing in the cool air. And perfection observes all of this, which is so manifested now, setting everything in motion, while it itself remains motionless, boundless, timeless, remembering itself, unlocking itself with the mirage of changing images.
  • I really enjoyed this task ... At first I thought that it would not work for me, it is very difficult to wake up early, although I love it very much ... I decided to try it, I did not miss a single day, and these days turned out to be very fruitful and enjoyable.
  • These days I was calmer, more contented with myself. When the alarm clock rang in the morning, I was confused, where is the ring in a dream or reality?
  • I am very pleased with the little lively streets, such silence ... People who meet seem to be asleep, do not smile, do not look, everything seems to be in a hurry ... When walking, you can compare feelings with fishing, where they very rarely bite. Dawn can also be compared with the sensations inside, it was quiet and dark ... and gradually, very gradually, but inevitably comes a fuss .... I want to extend ...
  • The process of Awakening is difficult for me, an event with my dad and a strong fear of death and guilt everywhere, even if I am not guilty of anything everywhere is guilt. On the train, two drunken men smoked and ignored the warning of the conductors and the people who were traveling, the train chief decided to disembark them, and he and other people asked me to sign the witnesses. After that I had a very strong feeling of guilt, I did practice and a new understanding came that I should not blame myself. There are rules of conduct on the train and they warned people to ignore and were responsible for it.
  • Well, good deed, we traveled on the train there in the toilet did not wash off and when I went to wash the mug I saw that if one more person went to the toilet and did not wash it away, everything would run out, first I wanted to leave and not flush, but then turned and washed away. I think for me it was a good deed.
  • 6 a.m. A park. I am very slowly, feeling into the movement, noticing the air in my nostrils, feeling the touch of gloves, walking around the playground. And at some moment I identified myself with the thoughts “flew away”, and then I caught it ... from behind I hear a male voice: “Do you want to treat a banana?”. The first second is fear. I woke up awake instantly. I miss this energy, there is no death. I turn around ... I see a young man, well-intentioned, who eats a banana. It became so somehow fun. I say to him, “I want it!”, And he: “But that's it, no”. I just stand, and I see clearly clearly. There is fear, and if one is not to believe in not playing along with it, it is very funny. Then, the guy sits on a bench and takes a handkerchief and ties them to his lower face to the nose, and puts a hat on his head, with slits for the eyes. I stand in the middle of the site and watch. Seeing this picture comes back feeling of fear (no longer funny and not fun like a minute ago). The connection with the body is observed stiffness clamps immobility. I let the feeling. There is no death only fear, the main thing is not to believe him. While he was "wrapped up," he looked into my eyes all the time. Then put on a backpack, passing by me wished good morning, I also sent him a good wish (Consciousness). Woke up.
  • I clearly realized what fear was, it was another fight or you, or you. There was no one who. If you wonder who I am? clearly not a character or even one who feels there is a feeling.

"If the headwind increases, then ... you pick up speed." Harun Agatsarsky.




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