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Saturday 08 June, 2024

Voltaire. Zadig or Fate.

Voltaire is a world celebrity, he is recognized as one of the most widely read philosophers. This is a brilliant and at the same time deep thinker who is concerned with the fundamental questions of morality and the meaning of life, the theme of death, religion. We present to you a passage, the moral of which is reflected in its title.

   Once, Azora returned from a walk in strong anger, loudly expressing her indignation.

- What's wrong with you, my dear spouse? - asked Zadig. - Who are you so angry?

“You would be just as indignant,” she replied, “if you saw what I was witnessing right now.” I visited a young widow Kozra, who buried two years ago her young spouse on the bank of a stream washing the meadow. Grieving inconsolably, she made a vow to the gods not to leave there until the waters of the stream run out ...


Thursday 06 June, 2024

Rainbow body.

The practitioner can reach the so-called rainbow body when the body is gradually reduced and dissolved in the iridescent light, with the result that there are only hair and nails.

Through practice, completely exhausted when any grasping and fixation, five gross physical body elements dissolve in five pure elements, five-color light, so that the body is transformed into light in the space and disappears.

To implement the rainbow body enough just 10 years of constant practice.


Thursday 23 May, 2024

We are all a little bit "narcissus ."

... Narcissus, son of the river god and the nymph, was divinely beautiful - and totally cool: he admired its beauty, but it is not needed in admiration of others: at first he did not anybody needed. Breaking many hearts, including heart nymph Echo (poor girl could only repeat the last words of the speaker), Narcissus angered still one of the nymphs, who exclaimed: "Love is you, Narcissus! And let the object of your love will reject you as you deny us! "


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Teacher and student Insight into the relationship between guru and disciple.

 The teacher-pupil man says: - Work hard with me and I'll give you everything. Divine Master said to the disciple - I made you wait for God. Do not linger, come with me to Him. An excellent spiritual teacher one whose eyes - the inviolability itself and the heart - the very forgiveness. Whoever takes you to the students on your terms, can never be a true Master. Not a spiritual teacher, and the Almighty it deserves devotion seeker and accepts it. He is the representative of God here on earth, and therefore each heart as He speaks carefully, as your own. I love your teachers. It's a short path to spiritual progress. Believe in your Master. This is a shorter path to spiritual progress. Listen to your teachers. This is the shortest path to spiritual progress. There is no better way for the student to serve his Guru, than to listen to his advice.


Wednesday 28 February, 2024

Small comma, in your heart. A rating of consultants for May 1, 2015.

Training of players of Open Hearts group will proceed for about 5 years, such time, it is necessary to find steadily skills and experience in consultation. Training of "Open hearts" is based on the technique borrowed by Rama from training in English. Many teachers, it was noticed that in the conditions of the most approximate to practice (without studying of tiresome grammar), students started speaking and communicating in the learned language without efforts and it is easy (a so-called method of training without efforts of "efortless").


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Sunday 28 January, 2024

Alpha rhythm of the brain-access to unlimited possibilities and hidden reserves ...

You've probably heard that there are alpha, gamma, beta, delta, theta rhythms of the brain, each of which carries its own functions and opens its possibilities.

So ... Most of our life we ​​live in beta and gamma ranges ...

... while access to unlimited possibilities and hidden reserves is in a different range - in the alpha-rhythm.

  • There is a hidden mechanism of self-healing.
  • There lies unlimited access to money.
  • There is success, career rise, recognition.
  • There the meeting with love of all life, a strong family and warm relations with children and parents was lost.