Awaken your natural ability to play!

The dream is indicator of how illusion operates.

When we sleep we believe we are in a dream-visible reality, and all events really happen. But it all disappears completely after waking up.

After awakening from a night dream we get into a visible reality again - but is it real?
Or is it as illusory, as the dream is. Can you answer where the previous day went

When you had a dream you perceived all events as really happening, but where are they now?
The world we live in is also illusory, and we sleep being deceived and trusting in its reality

Such belief makes our relation to this reality very serious and forces us to suffer when something goes not according to our plan...

In a fact everything will be so as you think of the Life. So isn't it the best solution - to play with what people call Life:)

You can play the Life and improve yourself through this game, learning new things, coming nearer to incognizable true Self.
When playing you move to complete awakening from a dream in which we live, but perceive it as a reality. We sleep and trust in reality

In any case, just keep in mind that everything is simply a game of consciousness, if the Life plays with you can play with it too!!!

Try to start playing right now!!!
Awaken your natural ability to play. You’ll manage this. I know it!