Principle of the Game

Leela means a way of playfulness.

When I tell playfulness, I mean,  

that we here not in order that it is simple to play,

we here to investigate most

deep and important aspects of life, BUT PLAYING!

To Sadgur Dzhagi Vasudev.

 All visible is energy of the Absolute. In absolute sense these energy play, and they beyond the law of a karma. In relative sense of energy are shown according to the law of a karma.

Any event is a draw of Life.

Life plays each event in order that you could take the hidden potential Gift which is put in you initially and this Gift brings you wisdom and knowledge.

Every time when the event comes, it forces you to realize all Gifts which you already received from life and recovers in you Gift which should be found (hunter) and to seize it (soldier).

Each Gift is surrounded with a zone of fears which are shown by the limiting belief and it is important to player to manage to pass through this cover Dara.

Task of the player to pass through a fear zone, to be exempted from the limiting belief and to meet Gift which the KNOWLEDGE is.  

In draws there is a scenario.

Each draw proceeds according to a certain scenario. Life is inexhaustibly creative and therefore, despite similarity, all scenarios of draws are unique.

At first life arranges a meeting. On it can leave much or not enough time, depending on what duration this draw: lightning or long. Some draws last some minutes, some draws last for years.

As game of consciousness is based on deception, the consciousness deceives itself, forgetting who is it and being identified not with that who, involves in it the draw played by consciousness.

For this reason the player has to play, knowing that at any time he can find draw of Life and see it!

For this purpose he has to know:

 Draw happens when the player believed that he is independent and exists separately from consciousness.

As soon as Life lulls the player, there is a draw!

That is life played the player, having forced to believe that is unreal and showing to the player his mechanism of delusion. through the message Dara of this draw.

 Draw happens due to existence of weak point (which is force potential) at each player.

 The aweak point is always presented by the limiting belief which proceed from fears and which distort perception of the player, forcing to be in illusion. It in turn occurs because of influence of forces of Maya (a tamas and a radzhas) which force to forget that is behind a cover of fears and to be identified with fears and belief.

  Life involves the draw player according to his delusions.

While all actions are suitable as much as possible for the final - and it occurs when the player was completely involved in deception of a situation and completely gave in to the weakness, protecting it, by means of self-deception and people in events, at the moment of apogee of full unconsciousness - LIFE attacks. It puts the crown prick through game by characters or the phenomena, combination of circumstances which thus help in general – that to the player to open GIFT.

 But from that the player was in an unconsciousness, the prick seems, very unexpected, and pain intolerable and perhaps the player starts being protected reflex.

Learn to see it!

Your task as player is reduced to, that:

To allow Life, to open that Gift which it put in you.

To understand, what Gift it opens in this situation and as a result of what limiting belief and fear - you came across this draw. Manage to meet fear and open Gift.

According to the knowledge opened Dara, received, wisdom, correct the actions

in Life. Express knowledge and wisdom through creativity.

It is important to remember that forces of LIFE and the person are very unequal. Life possesses absolute force and, anyway, she will force the person to receive wisdom.

 Here only one Life knows when it takes it consciously?

 Perhaps tactically, Life defined for some people is time on the deathbed, minutes of the highest weakness and impossibility to resist more LIFE, and for some it gives chance in the following embodiment, and for someone already now:)

In this game at Life one task:

To open the shown and potential Gifts which are put in you, through different events.

Events have no value, they are neutral.

When there is any event, a task of the PLAYER to understand, what Gift Life tries to open now.

The player has to study the weak points for which Life involves him in draws and he loses sensibleness, and to be able to take consciously Dara from each draw.

Every time when the player takes Gift from draw, to it more and more obvious becomes Game which plays consciousness, and together with this vision, it finds ability to play this divine game!


The Leela.