The information of Awakening Oasis is intended for all people with "open ears".
In order to cognize CONSCIOUSNESS GAME LeeLa and to develop spiritually supported by Rama, it is conditionally necessary to enter Leela Academy. Conditionally - because each one of us is already in the game of Consciousness even without entrance :).
If you are ready to recall yourself with help of game, you should be geared up for going this way with full responsibility.
Perhaps at once or in some years, you will need to become firmly convinced of the way and realize that this is your way

Training in Leela Academy requires certain inner readiness and maturity, and goes on till your full awakening. In some cases it can last the whole incarnation, some people wake up at once.
Anyway at first we should get acquainted with you.
Write about yourself in any format, but compose your story in such a way that we could see your course of life before entrance the Academy

The Consciousness itself plays with you, and in if the game opens for you, it will send you a game name.
View the video below, please

Nobody knows exactly how it finds you (through books, ads, the TV, movies, conversations... Just stay open and alert). And once you will realize that this name was sent you from Consciousness, and with this name you enter Leela Academy to learn Consciousness game. What will be further? All you have to do further is simply to play!
You should pass selections for the current events (CALENDAR) carried out in Awakening Oasis:
•remote games,
•personal consultations,
•skipe-retreats (consultations) or to visit
•Rama’s satsangs (participation in satsangs requires no selection)
Participation in Remote games (after selection) will show your player level (Hunter, Warrior, Missionary, Formless player, Observer) and will accordingly confirm your entrance Leela Academy

It would be nice if you look through books of Rama and his teacher Sri Bagavat before the meeting.