Сonstruction of the base player.

Neither art nor wisdom can not
be achieved, if they do not learn.


Education in Leela Academy held with the aim to teach awakening from the dream of non-doing people a basic player base.

To learn how to play with life, the player must first of all learn to be a hunter and warrior. It developed the basic skills of the players, then elevate it and argue on the subtle levels of the game (the formless level player).

This purpose is served by a stepwise (multi-level) studies at the Academy of Lila.

Players who have taken the Way of the Warrior, and embarked on this path in the Academy Leela understand it, therefore are in constant year-round training.
The exercise should not stop.

We have to learn to old age and death,

when the doctrine itself is terminated.

Xun Zi

As for beginners who are interested in Oasis Awakening, after watching the video on the channel youtube Rama Divine Leela, as well as explore through the site and those wishing to enter the Academy of Lila, to continue their spiritual development and the search for self, continuing to live a social life, work, and at the same time studying at the Academy of Lila, you need to understand the priority of the development of databases on which to build all further game and it will require you to patient education.

Only the wisest and the most
stupid can not be learning.
Confucius (Kong Zi)

 Even if you consider yourself an advanced spiritual seekers, however, entered the Academy of Lila, you will need to receive training in basic skills, which in part may be some aspects you have already developed, but some may be underdeveloped, and are any is not developed at all.

So, everyone who entered the Academy of Lila, who has already passed the initial stage of training, as well as only going to come to the Academy Leela primarily have attitude to training, the program Leela Academy, which is transmitted Consciousness through the frame, so that once , to accompany the disciples to the lotus feet of the Supreme.

Lila Academy, as well as the Oasis of Awakening based Rama (Divine Leela).
Passing any training at the Academy of Leela, even through his disciples (Sangha), you are in direct contact with Rama.

Remember that spiritual relationship with the teacher, not limited to the material conditions of time, place and the physical body. For all the events that take place at the Oasis Academy Awakening and Lila, watching Rama directly. It has an invisible contact with every student. And if the student mature and open, and he will feel that connection.

The Leela.