Principle of GIFT

 Principle of GIFT

Principle of the GAME is exchange of "Gifts" with consciousness.

The life has no other way to communicate with us except of giving us Gifts.
And the best way for us to communicate with it is making Life gifts

The donation is an ancient ritual which was archetypically formed in each one of us. And whether we want it or not, but we all submit to this kind of mutual relations with supreme forces through unconscious level.

From ancient times people made gifts of valuable things they had to gods (supreme forces). In an exchange they asked for protection, wisdom, good luck, health, money and anything else the person wishes. But prior to ask for something - they made a sacrificial offering.

You know that everything has its price.

And you know there's no such thing as a free lunch!

For realisation of any intention you should sacrifice something (make a gift). So for example often celebrities sacrifice personal happiness on the altar of destiny. As a rule, they get glory, popularity, luxury life, a plenty of impressions, but often they do not have family, they are childfree or their personal life in unhappy. This is the price the person pays for welfare the life has given him.

Words value and price make it all sound like trade relations with Life. This is one point of view from which we can look at our mutual relations with life.

I suggest you to look at mutual relations with Life not from position of trade relations, having excepted such concept as price and value, but from the position of Gift.

The life has already given us everything; right now we have absolutely everything we need to be happy. We have body, we have sense organs, we have clothes and food, roof over head. We have a set of abilities and talents... But we do not appreciate it for some reason!

Here it is! That's why we want to estimate and buy the things which are valuable according to our estimation...

But I suggest you to refuse this way of mutual relations with Life.

Now we know that the Life gives us everything gratis, it makes us Gifts - instead of sells.

But the game is so that we should be able to Give something we can to the Life in order to receive and open some of its Gifts.

Thus when exchanging Gifts with life you start an absolutely unique kind of relation, such relations which consist only of Donation, Gifts. There is no  cheaper and more expensive lots, no favourable and unfavourable lot, no honesty and deceit, no losers and winners - such concepts simply do not exist in relations built on the basis of Gifts.

Donation relations are such relations where you get everything from Life as a gift, and sacrifice (give) your gifts to Life in your turn.

If you manage to introduce this principle in any actions, you will notice how your life improves.

When you stand at the cash desk and bring donation (Gift) of Life instead of payment, and accept everything what Life gives you as a Gift - your relations with life become friendly and kind.

After all everything you give the Life is a Gift of Life. You make your Gift with ease and love.

When you live according to the principle of Donation, "loss" word disappears from your Life!

Now if something leaves you in the form of so-called losses - Give it to life, release it with Love.

Remember if you play exchange of Gifts with Life, it will play it with you too!!!

With love, Rama.