Sri Bagavat is my final teacher.

The meeting with Sri Bagavat was sudden. It was like when you search for something and cannot find, and turns to lay right under your very nose. "Wow, could it really be so simple?!" - your mind wonders. "Yes, it is very simple!!!" - the heart answers.

Sri Bagavat is not a saint who has renounced everything. Instead of this, he is a normal person who has accepted the whole. His integrated concept of enlightenment is a definitive verdict for searching ones who are on the edge of self-realisation.

Photo of Sri Bagavat with his wife.

Passage from the book: Do not delay enlightenment (link to view the book: )


... The Master had eyes of innocent child (though he was about 70 years old).

Connection with him has arisen instantly. There were no doubts.

I understood EVERYTHING in the first day of meeting. Sri Bagavat imparted me something that I could not hear from no other master I had ever met earlier.

This concept's changed me completely.

After meeting with Sri Bagavat I began to feel a stream of LIFE and did not try to interfere it with my efforts any more. His explanations have surprisingly coincided with all my former knowledge and experience, and have irrevocably changed my perception.

His explanations have helped to close a circle inside me, or rather I stopped being divided with me. Identification with the character did not prevent being the existence. I saw more clearly than earlier that everything is visualization of consciousness, and these visualizations are replaced in a continuous stream.

Moreover now I did not feel a difference between myself and this stream... The border between meditation and usual life disappeared, it was dissolved, everything has turned into continuous meditation.

Nevertheless some passed time had passed before I received internal confirmation of those changes in me, and having returned to the master I received also his confirmation.

Certainly this is another one beginning (not the end). The beginning of a new stage of existence in this body from release level. I wonder, what happens next? Though I perceive time and use concepts of future and past, but there is no time or space inside me; just NOW. I recollected Venkataramana who I met in the plane and his words "You need enlightened master living in a body". Yes, that was exactly what I needed! The consciousness has calculated everything, all I had to do - to play... The Game continues...

Sri Bagavat is the master in physical body. He organizes annual open satsangs in Tiruvannamalai, India, during the period from January till February.