My first acquaintance with Sri Chinmoy happened in Vladivostok, in 1999.

 I remember that period of life very well. I came to this city for medical further training and lived there for three months. But that knowledge I got at the university and after graduation was not enough for me. While walking on the streets I read ads on fences and posts to find something. One of the ads has guided me to Sri Chinmoy community.

In the book "Seeing the God's face" you can read how invisibly this teacher helps with support of Omega and his spiritual birth many years later, after my acquaintance with him, through his books.



Sri Chinmoy Kumar Ghose was born on August, 27th, 1931 in East Bengal (now Bangladesh). He was the youngest of seven children in a family. He studied in Puducherry (south of India). From his youth up he had remarkable talent for composition of verses, essays and songs; was gifted in various kinds of sports including sprint and decathlon.


In 1964 Sri Chinmoy arrived to New York, and read lectures in tens leading universities worldwide, including Cambridge, Harward, Yale universities and Sorbonna since then.


Life of Sri Chinmoy is an expression of boundless creative potential.

His creative fruitfulness was generously expressed in music, poetry, painting, literature and sports.


Contribution of Sri Chinmoy to each of these spheres is amazing and opens broad prospects - the work of life representing a unique viewing of man and the world.

 Sri Chinmoy considered aspiration - untiring aspiration of heart for higher and deeper realities - as internal power which is the basis of all great achievements in the field of culture, sports, science and personal development.

Living by heart and trying to exceed themselves, people can show their best and find a way to peace and harmony.


Sri Chinmoy said «Our purpose is moving from bright to brighter and to the brightest, from high to higher and to the highest. And even in the highest there is no limit for our progress».


Sri Chinmoy has regularly travelled around the world to hold concerts and lectures, to meet heads of world and national level and to discuss questions of harmony with them.


On October, 11th, 2007 Sri Chinmoy has left his body.

The picture of Sri Chinmoy