Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

My acquaintance with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi happened in 1999.


At that time I learnt about techniques of Transcendental Meditation (ТМ) for the first time, and since then I never stopped to meditate until meditation has once absorbed me entirely and I was completely dissolved in it. Meditation was everything what mattered for me.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, more known as Maharishi (born - Mahesh Prasad Warma, January, 12th 1917, India - February, 5th 2008, Flodrop, the Netherlands) - the Indian guru, founder of transcendental meditation (ТМ) and programs of TM-Sidhi, author of books on Vedic philosophy.


He was interested in activities of spiritual teachers and when Guru Dev Brahamanda Saraswati has visited Allahabad, he became his follower. After graduation from the university Mahesh has spent thirteen years with Guru Dev Brahamanda Saraswati in the Himalayas and became his closest follower.


In 1953, after thirteen years of service for Guru, Maharishi went to caves «Sacred Valleys» in Uttarkashi (Himalayas). But after two years of seclusion, in 1955 he returned to the world and settled down in Kerala state in the south of India. People were delighted to see the monk from the North here, and proposed him to hold a week series of lectures about the knowledge received in Himalayas. Already his first lectures have aroused such a huge interest that till the seventh lecture the hall was overcrowded. Within six months he held lectures in various cities all over the state.


The result of this activity was the first book «The Beacon Light of the Himalayas» in which Maharishi tells that the true sense of Vedic sacred texts revives through transcendental meditation.


In 1957 Maharishi Mahesh Yogi presented his Theory of transcendental meditation (ТМ) at «Festival of spiritual stars», and then has spreaded it through the organisation called «Spiritual Regeneration Movement».


Today ТМ is one of the most widely practiced and carefully studied meditation techniques. It is widely used as a technique for stress reduction. It is taught by instructors with special training.


Transcendental Meditation (ТМ) is simple, natural, requiring no efforts, intellectual techniques which is easy to learn and which takes 15-20 minutes two times a day, sitting in convenient position with eyes closed.


Physiologists consider «quiet wakefulness» to be the fourth fundamental condition of consciousness (along with wakefulness, sleep and dreams) with unique features. It is the elementary form of consciousness - «transcendental consciousness» or «pure consciousness». Subjectively such state is perceived as complete rest and satisfaction, and it is a source of thought, creative potential, energy.


This condition favours to self-control of body and restoration of nervous system after experienced stresses and loads which are the original cause of the majority of diseases. Researches have shown that Transcendental Meditation leads to decrease of biological age concerning chronological one on 5 - 12 years on the average, as well as to considerable reduction of number and severity of diseases including cardiovascular diseases.

During Transcendental Meditation the person experiences unique condition of "quiet wakefulness" when the body is completely relaxed, and mind falls outside the limits of its activity and reaches absolutely quiet, but completely conscious state.


At a certain stage of TM training I realized that I got everything I need, but I have to go my own way further... My heart is full of bright gratitude to this teacher and a way of meditation.

  Everyone receives only the experience he NEEDS!