I come to Okunevo for the third time.

And if three years ago I came as searching person, in a year and this year I came without any special purposes. But people gathered around me, and it forced me to share experience and the way how I ended my searches and affirmed that only NOW shines invariably and steadfast.


At my very first arrival to Okunevo I felt hidden connection with Babajee, whose ashram is located in the village. I'd never heard about him before, but I came to ashram and served him (performed karma-yoga).


Now I also come to ashram and serve (performing karma-yoga), but now it is carried out in the form of satsangs.


I feel invisible support of Babajee which is expressed in assistance of his followers in order that knowledge "reaches open ears" through my lips.

I would like to acquaint all visitors of the site with this great teacher!



Mahavatar Babajee has appeared again in 1970 in a small village Herakhan, in foothills of Himalayas. (Appearance of Babajee in Heriakhana cave was predicted by him in 1922, before he dematerialized in confluent of Gori and Kali rivers, being observed by his followers. There is a set of the evidences that Babajee can appear any time in any place of the world to help and bless those who honour him. But his main work remains imperceptible and hidden).


Many great yogis and saints were welcomed and prepared for meeting him within 14 years of his mission.

Even when spiritual maturing of the person has gone far beyond the limits of usual level of human consciousness, there are still obstacles and unsettled problems which should be overcome


Direct contact with Babajee, love and full trust to him dissolve these last obstacles, and the miracle of merge of Spirit with will and mind happens. When this amalgamation happens, and the person becomes uniform and entire, he learns Divine will and is ready to make everything, is ready to endow everything for its sake.


It is very difficultly to get Babajee's favour become his pupil, because he knows heart of each person. As a rule pupil's features limit possibilities of teacher’s positive influence. The better the pupil is prepared, the easier it is to release him. It depends on the pupil. One or several of the following features of the pupil attract Teacher's attention and his favour:


When the person:

- thirsts for integrity, knowing that only cognition of Spirit can recover him;

- feels intolerable human suffering and wishes to help;

- was disappointed with things the world offers instead of love;

- hears inner voice and trusts it;

- sincerely wishes to learn Divine will and to execute it;

- performs all actions as sacrifice to the God;

- is aloof from vanity of the world and devotes himself to Spirit searches;

- is committed and disciplined in spiritual practice;

- is moderate and self-controlled in all situations;

- does not condemn anyone and sees the same Spirit in him, as well as in everyone;

- is restrained, pure and modest; does not harm anyone.


Each person has inner voice, but it is hidden and inaccessible in vanity of the usual life. The easiest and the nearest way to the heart is a full obedience to the teacher.



The Indian traditions include a concept about Guru as a mean for reaching the highest sense of boundless existence. It happens when the compassion of Guru meets fidelity of the pupil. The deepest connection is formed between pupil and Guru which is higher than any other human relations.


From the point of psychology, the pupil projects his divinity on the Guru and considers the Guru, not himself, as possessing a divine reality. Fascinated by Guru, he devotes his life to him. He does not see that he's actually fascinated by his own divine nature which he sees in Guru. The real Guru uses this projection to awaken devoted pupil for his own divine nature. Subjection to Guru weakens ego, and allows searching and deep examination of own source of life.


Babajee repeated that very few people devote themselves to searches of the Truth; and only a few among them are ready to sacrifice something for its sake. Only those discover the Truth who are ready to give everything for it. Babajee said: «If you search for the God, be ready for any sacrifice». Babajee knows everything which is required for the pupil to open his heart. It is different for each pupil, but everyone is able to reach the knowledge of God. Religions and scriptures can help the searching person only to a certain stage on his ways to the Truth. The final steps to the union of mind and heart are unique for each person.



Babajee characterised his key teaching implemented in a daily life, with the following words - Simplicity, Truth, Love


Having heard own heart and realized that it is a proof of Supreme, Divine will, the person follows the path of Truth. Having heard the inner voice and trusted it, the person does not require intermediary of teachers, priests, religions and scriptures any more. The most sacred temple is own heart, and the one who entered it, stays alone with God. The person who recognized the God in his heart and is obeying him, gets everything from most gracious father. Implicit obedience to the teacher leads the person on the way to his heart, to Truth cognition.


The Truth is a live power, here and now, every second.


Truth can not be found in texts or interpretations. You will not hear it from lips of ignoramuses. It is not comparable with the greatest wisdom of the world. The Truth is simple, it is an absolute love.


You cannot operate the Truth or use it for your purposes. You can only join it and become it. The Truth is an ocean; and the drop dissolves in it, loses name and form, and becomes ocean.


The drop is mind, and the heart is ocean. The one who opened infinite space of love, light and pleasure which the ocean is, will never fall into Maya illusion again. He knows that everything is the God, and that the God and His creation do not differ from each other. But the one who has not learnt this Truth yet, separate the God with creations and actions of beings. He sees imperfection, contradiction and struggle everywhere including himself, and this is a source of infinite suffering. And the one who has revealed own divine nature, sees the God everywhere and in everyone and knows that only the God is real.


Once during general one pupil has asked Babajee how it is possible to reach the God, and Babajee answered: «It is possible only when you reach Shuna, conditions of absolute emptiness of the mind». After reaching “Shuna” serene mind plunges into the heart and incorporates with it.

It is possible to subdue and empty the mind only by meditation and refuse of the will, because desires are the mind activator

Full confidence and concentration on the teacher are way to reach serenity of mind, and meditation deepens and strengthens quiet condition making it constant.



Babajee attached great importance to work which he called karma-yoga.

Any work performed with right spirit, with a pray, with attention and skill is a service to all mankind. But the work which is executed have an ax to grind and is motivated by egoistical incentives brings much harm and sufferin.

The Truth is simple – it is an absolute Love