Comments of professionals about Rama.

There are various names in Rama's biography:


Sergey Aleksandrovich, Sir Sanych, Padma, Oddi, Rama.


Each name corresponded to a certain period of life, certain period of game.


In those days when he worked actively as a psychotherapist, master of Erickson hypnosis, Michael Ginzburg has written a reference about him.  

 Often we hear opinions about experts from laymans (who do not understand a subject essence). Since this reference was drawn up by a professional you can trust, we publish it here.


"Sir Sanych Kim (Rama) is an excellent psychotherapist combining high professional level with humanity and charm. He manages to create such kind of relations in which practices begin to work, in which person discovers internal strength and resources. Positive changes are the result of this.

"The West is the West, and the East is the East, and they cannot come together", - Kipling wrote. Fortunately they come closer every day. The truth  is in balance, not in extremes.

 Sir Sanych (Rama) successfully personifies this synthesis - of oriental culture and western technologies (in this case - "psychotechnologies"). I think that guru who he continues to discover in himself, shows him the right way. "


 M.R. Ginzburg. 

Mikhail Romanovich Ginzburg (Moscow).


Doctor of psychological sciences, professor, corresponding member of Academy of pedagogical and social sciences, Ph. D., Gr. Ph. D., FullProfessor


Trainer of Institute of group and family psychology and psychotherapy, of personnel training Center "Class", Moscow, leading scientist of Psychological institute of the Russian Academy of education.

Professor of Moscow Psychology and social institute. Has been teaching psychology in university for the last 15 years.

Has been teaching psychology abroad (Laos) within 2 years.

Author of training program of Erickson hypnosis - 12 years of teaching, over 2 000 pupils.

Trainer of Zhong Yuan Qigong. Participant of international  Qigong retreats (seminars), in Shaolin (China) 2000, 2001, 2002, 2004.

Has held training seminars of on Erickson hypnosis in France (Paris), Switzerland (Lausanne), Bulgaria (Sofia), Latvia (Riga), Kazakhstan (Almaty, Astana), Russia (Moscow, Ufa, Barnaul, Vladivostok, Krasnodar). Has taught hundreds competent actively practising hypnotherapists.