Distance training

This life - a golden opportunity, granted to us by God.

However, the possibility - this one, and achievement - is another.

Our spiritual evolution, our inner progress is very slow, very slowly, and at the same time, it is of vital importance.

Of course, there are people who for hundreds and thousands of incarnations will follow the normal, natural cycle of birth and death. Then, one day in God's eternity, they are conscious of God. But some sincere, genuine aspirants give inspired promise that they realize God in this incarnation, here and now.

Game Lila and training at the Academy is addressed to those souls.

According to the curriculum of the Academy of Leela, you need to master the skill of the player levels:

the level of Hunter,

Level Warrior

Missionary level,

Formless level player

the level of observer.

At the level of the formless player - the main task is to learn razotozhdestvlyatsya with what you are not, and identified with those who you are. Clearly know what is real and what is illusory.

At the level of the missionary - the main task of the mission is a clear awareness of his soul, and his knowledge of the game in every draw, according to the mission. Just at the missionary task is to learn to see identification with the body, soul, spirit and be able to withdraw from identification with the body to the identification with the body and soul. For missionaries, it is important to be approved in the illusory nature of death and the immortality of the soul itself as.

Level Warrior -predpolagaet main zadachu- learn to see their resistance and fears that are behind these resistances. 4 and 5 of existential fear of social fears and all sorts of ways of protection (resistance). A warrior should be able to give up, that is, consciously does not protect against fears. Also on this level, it is important to erase the "history" of his life with the help of the recapitulation. Mastering the basic techniques of a warrior: Tracking, recapitulating the history of life, not-doing.

Level ohotnika- is primarily a generation of an self-discipline, regular meditation, learning track down his bodily sensations, emotions, feelings and thoughts. This study of all kinds of transformation and ability to apply them in practice. Working with the body (all kinds of health-restoring practice, yoga, jogging, walking, various sports) + sattwic food (light, small portions, useful for the body).

Distance training is  participation

·   In skipe-satsangs, remote games Rama.

·   Skipe-consultations of players of Leela Academy from «Open hearts» project.

·   In remote games carried out by players of Leela Academy from «Transfer» project

After starting at the Oasis Project Awakening Academy Leela, in November 2015, Rama approved training program at the Academy of Leela, which covers the period of study (which is at the same time supervising the process of Awakening) from the very first of its manifestations to full awakening.

For players of the Academy of Leela, there are several areas of study.

So players can use the most accessible area for the first training-online space, which can be divided into two categories:

First for those who would like to come into contact with Oasis and the Academy at their own pace and standalone mode: view the video on the channel YouTube, study the materials on the site (articles and reviews of the players), as well as in the case of registration on the site, use of materials for teaching in a private office Finder level.

The second category refers to the students of the Academy of Leela living remotely from Vladivostok and other countries. Accompanying these players (the process of Awakening) in this case takes place remotely.

 The second area is full-time retreats, which are currently carried out only in Russia and the only in Vladivostok.

For players from distant cities and other countries in the near future (will be conducted face to face or retreats in Thailand or South Korea, or India).

Third platform for learning are playing travel.

In this drawing forces can participate only players who trained at the Academy of Lila skills hunter and warrior, and really have personal power. This playground requires participants the ability to move freely in the international space, to speak at a basic level of English to be able to buy tickets over the Internet, to open Visas and have financial viability.

The fourth area as the first designed for the students of the Academy Players Lila, and for all the guests an oasis of enlightenment. This platform is an open satsangs. For the dates of the Open satsangs of Rama follow the calendar of events.