Four floors practices. Video-retreat.

   Video retreats program is a special section in the training Leela Academy.  


raining Academy Lila is for characters in which consciousness is the beginning of a revival. Lila Academy is a division of Oasis Awakening.

  Consciousness, according to the game Lila, marred, forgets his true nature, and identifying with the character, and this illusory world, enters into the cycle of Samsara.

  Video Retreats 4 floors practices designed to prepare players for the long retreat called Samadhi, during which players are in long meditations.

  This is a very interesting phenomenon. When a person stays for a long time in meditation, he closes his eyes, and only he knows what he is currently engaged. Spiritual teacher, you need to know exactly - "What does the student, when he closed his eyes?" It does not have to sit and "wipe the pants" to waste time. He needs to use every second of your stay in practice, in order to approach the target.

All who are on the Way know it. Therefore, it is important that all players Leela Academy, knew exactly four storey practice.

So Rama called it - "The four-practice", during which the players have to learn all four floors practices.

All Academy players Lila, during long meditation, at every moment of this meditation makes one of the four stages of practice.

The first floor - the observation of breathing (existential experience), during which you are not doing anything. If you and your consciousness at this moment are ready, you simply touch with the Now moment, and there is Genesis. This is the first and last floor practices. But at this point, ha ha, there is a game! :) Dwarf patiently waiting until you see the first three minutes of the breath, and then turned on thinking, viewing different images, different events, there is a struggle. And during the day, in the long retreats, eleven o'clock is meditation necessary.

During this time, no one can make the first floor practices, as animated by the defilements of the mind; false identification, trend - not to accept the reality. All awakening at the same time there is a reluctance to "wake up" and there is some infantilism.

For eleven hours during practice for the long retreats, players need to be able to work with many aspects of the purification of the mind: accommodation unlived emotions, taking responsibility, working with intelligence and negative tendencies with their own.

   Second floor practices - is to work with bodily sensations, the emotions. This is an important aspect of our lives - destructive emotion that keeps us in the dark! Such as resentment, guilt, shame, shame, and anger, fear, sadness.


Third floor - is erasing personal history. We will deal with precisely the liberation from the past, which, oddly enough, is enshrined in the body. Are you in detail (along with other forms of training in the Academy of Lila) fix all the nuances of how to do it.

   The Leela Academy towards enlightenment and liberation is divided into stages, and if you need to accurately master the steps leading to the main big goal.

    In the video - Retro There are no empty words. Here all the words are woven into a pattern that you open when you type a certain level of personal power, which will reveal knowledge. Do not guide you to disclose knowledge, do not you yourself, but Silas. But how to get in touch with this force, as it is to accumulate as it reveal? Through the adoption of the Way!

    The Leela Academy training is built on the principle of seeking support, which are in the position of Apprentice.

In general, pupil - it is a rare phenomenon! And Academy Leela patiently waiting for these gifts. And when a beautiful bud, bud, this Leela Academy will take in a beautiful flower.

You never know what will turn the flower bud and conductors always thrill of watching the process and wait for the appearance of this beauty. In order to see this as a conductor, and the flower needs to be done to a large amount of hard work.

    You need to select the students who will take the time and try to just jump higher than his head, and pluck and patience will learn all the nuances you need to know to ensure that there was full flowering and full awakening.   

Fourth floor practices - this training disidentification. To do this, you must learn the previous three floors. At the same time, it is very important the second floor - the ability to describe their condition. Since the problem is all the players stuck to the conditions. Moreover, among the awakened people there are very sattvic emitting more kindness and positivity, in a state of happiness and peace, and so on. D. But they still have not been implemented and continue to be in the non-conducting and is stuck to a certain identification with pleasant conditions.

   And what is true liberation? Releasing - is Freedom from any state!

  The realized person does not speak about peace, as is in the identification with the Absolute. It is the states, all states - it's not you!

  Leela and Oasis Academy Awakening is not necessary for those who have already implemented and knows everything, as well as the doubters.

But, if you are still looking for and you need support, then you have not been implemented. You just awakened, knowing that glimpse, but still not stable in self-awareness.

You are the main candidates for admission to the Academy of Lila, Lila as the Academy with its accumulated knowledge is meant for those who are close to awakening, for those who have the Call to awaken.

   If you feel that you need support and you are ready to learn, and you want to make your journey was an interesting adventure, not an escape from misery, perhaps, the Academy will Leela is the place where you can get such support.

 ... I'm not looking for students, says Rama - but when they come into this world of illusion, I'm playing a role as a character existing in this space. I can not say that in this case I feel joy or bliss - it is - the sun is shining, the rain pours. It's as if I do what I must do and everything goes well, and all is well.

     When students arrive, they sifted through a sieve Leela Academy and there are only those who are ready. This does not mean that the others that something is wrong, simply pupil is not ready and goes to study at other levels, and then, if he happen to even meet with me in the presence of me in the body, it will be ready and delayed the sieve selections.

  Academy Leela not numerous, since it comes from simple forms of learning practices.

Within ten days of video retreat each floor practices, you will be accompanied by the Sangha.

Sangha - it is awakened players on the path purposefully having an awakening experience and having the right to maintain. These are the ones that show the perfection in his game, not indulged, not indulge their weaknesses and challenge of life and themselves go only forward.

We wish you an interesting journey with an open mind, with a clear view and with love in your heart! Love your path, give him my love!

Prior to the meeting, at rallies in Leela Academy!

With Love, Sangha Oasis Awakening.