«Faith is dead without deeds» - it is an essence of any Knowledge

which serves society and God, and does good.

The educational project Leela Academy was founded in "Awakening Oasis RamaDivineLeela" in 2014.

The Academy assumes training and this the direction Rama has chosen as spiritual mentor. (Spiritual development and cognition of Consciousness game -Leela, transfer of knowledge - I see through training. Rama)

There are the following training levels in Leela Academy: Seeker, Hunter, Warrior, Missionary, Formless player, Observer.

Training begins with levels of Seeker and Hunter.

As a rule people who come to the Academy have already a certain developed potential, and they should simply confirm their skills of hunter and warrior and take position in game corresponding to their current level.

From the levels of Missionary and Formless player some players (selected by Rama) can continue training through Service (karma-yoga). In this case they become part of Awakening Oasis Team where players continue game with Consciousness through Service.

Among Awakening Oasis team Rama selects players who are able to transfer knowledge and particularly to advise, to organize meetings of good company (Sanghs), seminars and retreats.

Such players should pass a special training with Rama, in order to learn all necessary skills for carrying out of activities listed above.

Only the player can train the game.

Only the player can learn the game!

For today the first wave of players has reached a certain level in the game when they became capable to Serve. Now they implement it in «Open hearts» project.