The good you make today,

will be forgotten tomorrow.

Do good anyway.


Give the world the best you have,

and world will ask more.

Give the best anyway.


My dear friend, after all no matter what you do

people don’t need it.

Only you and God need it.

Mother Teresa.

Recruiting * is demonstration of your influence on environment.

We all influence each other.


If you are steady in Consent with reality, then your energy will start to attract people to you who consciously or unconsciously want it too...


In this case you can help the person to find his way, to give him advise and help... And you can render this help particularly through consultation.


This activity serves Consciousness, and you become a representative of bright sattva forces which wake you up...

You Play this role and thus move from light to light...

Gradually you become surrounded by your adherents and live with people who are similar to you...


Recruiting should be done from a condition of Love and Awakening. And Service is the best choice for it.


When you talk with a person and see he need help, you can offer it, tell that you are able to advise and do it at Awakening Oasis - the organisation which the name speaks for itself.


Few rules should be observed for the consultation:


1. Consultation is carried out on the basis of interchange of energies. And according to this rule - after you take something, you should give something back. This can be done by donation which size is defined by the Seeker.

All donations from Seekers go to the Fund of Awakening Oasis.


2. The key conditions of consultation are as follows:


- Consultation lasts 1.5 hours.

- It is better to turn off mobile phone at consultation.

- It is better for the seeker to spend some time in solitude after consultation.

- If the Seeker feels he needs to talk about his problem once more, it should be done in the form of the following consultation according to all rules stated above.


3. It is recommended to visit site of Awakening Oasis or to view video on youtube channel RamaDivineLeela, to read books published in Awakening Oasis.


4. It is recommended to take part in retreats, satsangs and remote games with Rama.


Recruiting* comes from French word "recruit", i.e. to hire someone. In this case - hire players to Leela Academy.


Always finish what you've begun. Do your best in everything.