After consultation experience, each player has reached a certain rating which isbased on subjective evaluation of the advisers who understand now what consultationis and can estimate how it should be done correctly (that is professionally).

Sorating of players-advisers for  6,October, 2014.

     1.     Pearls       165 points

    2.     Hikari       143points

3.     Silence     125 points

  4.     Swan         122 points

  5.     Music       120.5 points

   6.     Wanderer  119,5 points

 7.     Fairy          111 points

  8.     Joke           107 points

  9.     Bastet        106 points

10. Wind         99,5 points

  11. Eva            98,5 points

12. Om             95 points

 13. Leela          66 points

      14. Hati            55,5 points  

Irrespectiveof the rating, each player has shown a stable game during the last 2 years.

Allplayers who reached this level of the game definitely have strong points andcan play with Consciousness. As saying goes: On different strokes for differentfolks. This is the same with choice of player-adviser. Perhaps except of therating, self-presentation of players will help you.



 Tohear Silence...

Adivine miracle...

Thishighest good is open only for the best ones.

Timeis hidden in wings,

 Silence- in me.


Om. Love and peace is right thismoment.


All the haphazard traits erase - you'll see then thatthe world is fair...



Spirit,flight, awakening

Swanis everywhere - in the sky and in the sea.

 Will, purity.

 Wisdom, beauty.

 You are perfect just the way you are!


 No need to dive for Pearls, the Pearl has already found you!


Allpeople are planning something,

and nobody knows whether he lives till theevening.



Thetraveller is not afraid

of the long road in front of him,

he makes step by step.


     I am LIGHT,

         and LIGHT is me.


 I'llhelp to get it off your chest

Torecollect your life's bright moments,

Tosanctify the hidden link,

Andgive you real present INSPIRATION!


With the help of image ofEgyptian goddess Bastet I am learning to accept

my naywards without worrying ofsocial opinion and simply to be...


Wind, Wind, Breeze !

Light breathing!

You cognize the freedom!

Of eternal Consciousness!


The life plays always andevery second


Through hardship to the stars!


Thefairy does not always mean a kind sorceress:-)

I see, you are troubled today?