Awakening Oasis is a place where players realize their sincere desire to serve the others.

Service is continuous practice which:

1) At level of hunter, warrior, missionary promotes clearing of karma by expiation of rage, greed, vanity, avidity, desire of sensual pleasures, envy, jealousy, violence, egoism, negative intelligence...

2) At level of formless player it is a mean for De-identification from Ego and identification with Consciousness of Unification.


 As organisation Awakening Oasis functions by Karma-yoga of Leela Academy players.


You can learn about Karma-yoga (service) in Awakening Oasis clicking the following links:

Interview with Lama Chen John:

Interview with Sri Bagavat ( 1,2,3,4 parts)

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3. Leela-yoga. Service.

4. Service as practice of de-identification from Ego.  Satsang with Rama Divine Leela.



The team of Awakening Oasis carries out Service for awakening (sattva) power of Consciousness.

Players of Awakening Oasis team participate in educational activity of Leela Academy (recruiting, consultations, seminars, retreats).