Skype consultations

17 June - 01 September

Event venue

Internet (Skype).

In the Academy Leela will hold  skype-retreat, which will consist of Individual consultations.

Consultations will hold the players of the project "Open Heart", which continuously over the last two years, trained counseling training system in Academy Lila directly from Rama. From the project players "Open Heart" selected players who are full and can share. All players carry out counseling on the basis of karma yoga, and donations received from the players for their participation in this retreat enter the Oasis Revival Fund and are on the implementation and development of its projects.

Feature skype-retreats "Individual Consultations" .:

Consulting - an optional remote for the games, workshops, retreats form of training, which is aimed at a deeper and more comprehensive development of the theory and practice skills hunter and warrior, missionaries.

During the consultation, of course, put the main task - the solution of actual problems of the counselee current player. But it is important that during the consultations, the consultants will apply the practice hunter and warrior, such as tracking their status, recapitulating the history of life, transformation and technology of non-doing. Thus, consultees players directly on the experience, they will learn how to properly and accurately perform three main base practices Player:

· Tracking of the condition,

· Recapitulation of the history of life,

· Transformation and technology of non-doing.

Registration on a retreat is open.