Opening of Mission of Soul.

07 May - 07 June

Event venue

Nakhodka, Center of Individual retrit

"We are watching you ..."

 Our spiritual teacher, teachers, care about us 24 hours a day, experiencing together with us our joys and sorrows, but interfere in our lives only when it is extremely necessary. In all other cases, they do not interfere with the execution of its Roca us to obtain our evolutionary lessons of life.

 Rise of the Soul by Ray Ascension (Sushumna) really looks like a flight in a luminous tunnel, and this is confirmed by the Vedic scriptures, personal experiences of yogis and ordinary people who have received (for various reasons) experience conscious outputs consciousness from the physical body and observing it from the outside.

All received the kind of experience Experience the excitement of dropping the "fetters" of the physical body and almost no one wanted to go back to "the heavy, clumsy, greasy coat." Most of the returnees in the body is made out of a sense of responsibility to their families or to complete their Rock in order to obtain the evolutionary life lessons and basically, heeding the arguments of conclusive someone from mentors.

99% of people who have such an experience, completely changed their way of life, starting a virtuous life in the human world as a conscious preparation for life in the divine worlds.

Session opening MISSION SOUL, a stage leading:

to a clear understanding of their immortality, through an experience of the soul's immortality,

as well as a clear understanding of problems faced by the soul in this incarnation of the world's people and sentient beings.

Selection for the opening session of the soul of the mission, which will be held this year, concern only the players who visited the retreat in Tiruvannamalai.

 In addition to the other conditions (remote game played missionary level), the main criterion for selection is the clear intention of full awakening ...


WITH LOVE, Sangha Oasis Awakening