Video retreat with Rama.

05 January - 20 December

Event venue


In September 2015, the Academy of Leela Oasis Awakening launches a new Remote Play "Video retreat with Rama."

This game sprint in contrast to all other remote games will last 10 days.

The player must go 10 games in 10 days.

This retreat frame conveys technique of concentration, which leads to meditation.

Remote Play "Video retreat with Rama" Hunter level, will be the first indicator of enrollment in the number of active players for arriving at the Academy of Leela.

This 10 day retreat Rama teaches the basic practice of the Hunter, which ultimately turns him into an observer-higher level of consciousness in the game Lila (according to the concept of the Academy of Lila).

This video retreat Rama recommended for both beginners and Player Academy Leela at all levels.

To start the selections on this rally the forces necessary to register for the event Video retreat with Rama.


The Leela.