Video retreat with Rama.2 floor practices.

04 January - 31 December

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In September 2015, the Academy of Leela Oasis Awakening launched a new Remote Play "Video retreat with Rama" 1 floor practices. "Video retreat with Rama" 2nd floor practices, is also a sprint game, in contrast to all other remote gaming and lasts 10 days.

Like all training at the Academy of Leela, this retreat designed for seeking awakened, chosen by their development "way to play Leela" and support frames.

But unlike the video of the first floor of the retreat practice, 2nd Floor practices require the players the maximum concentration, self-discipline and previous knowledge.

To participate in video retreat 2 floor practices, the player of the Academy of Lila, the game should have a status of "Hunter".

So, players need to go through 10 games in 10 days.

This retreat frame conveys the main practice of the Hunter: Monitoring (tracking) of their states. Practice this level solve major split in the mind of the common man, dividing itself on the mind and body. through the practice of the level of Hunter split between body and mind to heal and Consciousness reunites together.

Remote Play "Video retreat with Rama. 2nd floor practices" Hunter level, will be the first indicator of a strong statement on the level of Hunter. This video retreat recommended Rama as the players level hunter, and the player's actions Academy Leela at all levels, since it is clear checks the validity of the level of performance practices Hunter and again contributes to purging the dark aspects of the split and Ted's mind.

To start the selections on this rally the forces necessary to register for the event Video retreat with Rama. 2 floor practices.

Parting words to Rama Video retreats:


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