Shiva Nataraja - symbol of the Remote Winter Games.

Tuesday 01 November, 2016

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This bronze sculpture Shiva Nataraja go to the Center for Individual retreats Oasis Awakening.

In this article, we will learn more about what is the symbolism of the Remote Winter Games. Earlier, the emblem of the Remote games described in this article:

Shiva Nataraja.
Shiva - one of the supreme gods of the Vedic Hindu belongs together with Brahma and Vishnu in the divine trinity (Trimurti), where he serves as a god, destroying at the end of each period of worlds and create them again.

Nataraja - is a form of representation of Lord Shiva. According to the sacred texts of Shiva is the master of dance and music, as well as an excellent dancer and musician.

Shiva is called the Cosmic Dancer, since its mission is realized in the course of the dance: fulfilling his God destroys the universe all the old and at the same time opens up a new cycle of life.

 Shiva Nataraja is depicted standing on a slightly bent at the knee right leg.

  • His left leg forward gracefully exhibited in dance pose.
  •  There Shiva's four arms, each gesture has a meaning.
  • Shiva holds in the upper right hand drum Damara an hourglass - a symbol of the cosmic rhythm and sound. It is believed that all the rhythms of the cosmos can be drawn from this drum.
  • In the other hand (top left) holds a tongue of flame. In equilibrium hand manifested opposed to the creation and destruction in the game Space tantsa.Sozidayuschy sound against the destructive flames!
  • The two lower arms frozen in Wise (special arrangement of the fingers and hands) .Nizhnyaya right hand with a raised open brush stopped in the mudra, signifying protection and blessing of courage to overcome the fear of death,
  •  A wise bottom left hand (lowered brush with straight fingers) - indicates the raised left leg and is an opportunity for human salvation from his perception of reality illusory (maya).
  • Shiva's head adorns the crown of the skull - the sign of victory over death.
The figure of God is often enclosed in a halo of bronze with flames, symbolizing the universe in which dances Great God - creator and destroyer at the same time creating their dance in the cosmos dynamic evolutionary equilibrium.
Omnipresent and Omnipotent Shiva in his dance at the same time carries out the eternal five activities: creation, preservation, destruction, abstraction and blessings.
His posture embodies the interaction of the three eternal firstborn beings - God, soul and nevoli- paving the way for the release of all thirsty souls.
According to the ancient texts of the Maya (illusion) is pushing us to an erroneous decision transient pleasures of the world for permanent, while only a spiritual communion can help a person get rid of illusions.
Self-esteem (ego) is considered one of the most pernicious evil. Only He (Gd) is in control of all souls. This is symbolized by the act of trampling the demon (ego).
Shiva Nataraja embody the joy of life, ecstasy rhythmic movement, the perfect balance, symmetry, grace and harmony.
The great French sculptor Auguste Rodin once said that Shiva Nataraja is the most brilliant sculpture, created by man.


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