The miracles of transformation. Issue 4. "Oh, life is so beautiful!"

Friday 06 February, 2015

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The Oasis Awakening reconstruction and after the creation of the project site, home to the players in the Internet space, the Center for Individual retreats would be the place where the players mature level, will be able to comprehend the higher understanding -imenuemoe enlightenment.

Players headed Music & Pearls, some repairs carried out with their hands and inhale part of his sincere service for the common good.

  Players glue  wallpaper, and pick the color, which dressed Center for individual retreats.


Already you can see the look of the floors.


And the layout is designed for an apron in the kitchen. Warm, bright sun, palm trees, sand, sea with crystal clear water, the island will create the necessary peace of mind to start from this harmony dive deeper, where there is no bottom.


Well, in the completion of this article, I want to remind you that the process of awakening, you are not going to the first.

Here's how divided, their experience of awakening, consciousness prosvetlevshee in one body, listen to the experience of transformation from caterpillar to butterfly:

... Remember when you were a teenager and your friends are discussing how to use them

an orgasm? You could only imagine what was discussed.

But as soon as you suffered your first orgasm, the mind no longer had any

no doubt - this happened in your life or not.

Too big difference between yes and yet, to doubt it.

The same is the case with the "awakening."

Together with the "liberation" of waking up together marches "ecstasy", but, in contrast to an orgasm that lasts a few moments, the rapture is almost always present.

Once knowing - "I Am" - you will not be the same again.

I can not give a precise definition of intoxication, but I can just describe it.

First and foremost a sense of rapture, this overwhelming sense of freedom.

For me it was ironic, because I heard that the main attribute

awakening is bliss, and now I was here in the strictest prison

mode gunners on towers and barbed wire, sharpened to acuity

razor blades (of razor blades), but all I could feel it

was freedom!

Yes, it was also bliss, but not as a permanent and dominant, as the feeling of absolute freedom from limitations.

When bliss rolls, you become a helpless child, while

a pervasive sense of freedom allows you to navigate the fine

ordinary life.

The second effect of ecstasy I had a deep sense of all-pervading peace and

tranquility. World about which the Bible says that it surpasses all understanding.

Part of this stems from the knowledge of appeasement that since all that is, is consciousness, then everything really well and ladnenko.

It is as if you are in free fall, and human life

block, but you have this huge rescue net that will catch


I used to live in a sea of ​​misery with occasional islands of repose;

Now, thanks to the intoxication, I live in a sea of ​​tranquility with random

voltage islands.

Before waking up, no matter how much I had wealth, health, romantic

love, power, and adult toys, I lived in constant anxiety that something goes horribly

 "Wrong" incorrectly; that some catastrophe must inevitably happen, and that I was on this planet for some error at birth.

Directly under a sense of inevitable doom hovering another gadfly, causes constant anxiety, I felt that I needed to do something incredibly important,

 but I have absolutely no idea what it was.

This implies a constant battle in which I have used all kinds of weapons

 distraction: sex, drugs & rock and roll, even for a moment to relax the tension caused by the life with all these worries.

Rapture turned it all into a permanent knowledge that not only has all the

good, but also that there is no place to go, nothing to do and that understanding - that's all.

Another part of the rapture is the sweetness of the pleasure of experiencing all around through the eyes of Source. Around the freshness and novelty.

All nature, all people, all living and nonliving still is pure consciousness; It is recognized and is covered in this way.

What is - as it is!

What luck!

And since you are no longer responsible for any cause and effect, ecstasy

It allows you to enjoy the fact that there is - it is!

You do not need to change anything to prove and improve or eliminate.

Just be glad that there is - it is!

The experience is akin to incessant purring or humming pleasure.

It is not disfunktsianalnoe bliss in which you only can that cry from the feeling of grace and gratitude.

To tell the truth I was expecting that the main attribute of awakening and rapture will


Of course; so much has been read about the Buddha and his constant emphasis on compassion.

But, somehow, looking at the world through the eyes and from the viewpoint of the Source, all I see is all there is as it is and just how it was supposed to be; fully animated, created and controlled by the inner wisdom of Consciousness.

My reaction to it - "Oh, life is so beautiful !"

Satyam Nadeem



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