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Thursday 12 February, 2015

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The project "Publisher" (Publisher) will be the fourth major project Oasis Awakening and will be linked to the issue of awakening books.

The Oasis Awakening accumulated a large amount of information that will be extremely useful for clearing up and it's time to share it with the seekers who come into the process of awakening in this lifetime.

At the moment, the project will consist of three divisions:

1st Division will deal with the publication of books (collection) based on the diaries of remote gaming.

2nd Division will be engaged in the publication of books (collection) on the basis of satsangs with Rama.

3 rd department will be involved in the publishing (collection) Ilahinur.

If the first and third sections will only revision of already existing text material.

That for the second division will initially translate audiorech into typed text, and then do the editorship of text materials.

The project "Publisher" players can participate at all levels who wish to participate in the service.

The project "Publisher" (Publisher) starts after the end of the third Winter the Remote GAMES, March 1, 2015.

Application for participation in the project, you can send to the address of the Oasis Team Awakening:



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