The program of the retreat: Concept and Reality 10,11,12,13 April.

Sunday 08 March, 2015

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Awakening in the oasis for the existing players, draws FORCE played throughout the year.

After the Remote WINTER GAMES, comes the summer intramural games.

Most of the winter this year I spent in Thiruvannamalai (India), from which led the others Remote Winter Games and now I am on the way to Russia, doing things on the way of opening another center for individual retreats Oasis Awakening in Thailand.

The forces of maya, false identifications, habits of life from non-conducting, Rajas and Tamas social environment - are deeply rooted in us to transcend from a non-conducting, get out of the captivity of the four existential fears, to be in communion with soboy- requires constant, intensive internal work . even your inaction to enlightenment as is the practice, since it carries ego, for which the final practice and is a prerequisite to total surrender :)

And now about the upcoming retreat:

From birth, without hesitation, we accepted that what we see and hear, to touch - for real-life objects, people, creatures.

 But even 2500 years ago, the Buddha's enlightenment, gave him the knowledge that he passed on to his conversations that reality - it does not exist, people do not "me."

But understand this, that in reality no beings, the people and the "I"?

The physics of the smallest particle of matter is considered an atom. But the study found that the atom was at 99.9999 emptiness.

For example, here is a simple explanation why the atom is empty, watch this video: The emptiness inside the atom

It turns out that in appearance, having the form, properties, signs of activity - we are made of atoms, and they - are empty ... So as a form, we really are just emptiness? What is emptiness? It's nothing!

Analysis of the Buddha discovered that reality - it does not exist, people do not "me."

And another famous sage Lao Tzu said that all is empty!

Tao is empty but inexhaustible

(DAO incorporeal and formless, and inexhaustible in the application)

Oh, deepest! True, it is the cause of all

The root of suffering is non-conducting.

We suffer because we wrongly perceive their environment and themselves in it.

Why are we so attached to external sources of love, why we are greedy and kill why we are very serious about life?

Only because of the wrong perception of it, because of the non-conducting.

Why not expose our belief in the existence of people, creatures and objects question?

This is what we will deal with in the seminar part of the retreat.

· Understand what: common reality (conditioned reality, reality concepts).

· Understand what is absolute reality.

This world is, of course, drawn thee on the screen of consciousness and is entirely your own personal world.

 You do not have to free ourselves from a world that does not exist except in your imagination!

Whatever the picture, beautiful or ugly, it draw you and you are not connected (a) it! Realize that there is no one who would impose it to you that it is a consequence of the habit of taking an imaginary for real.

Take imagined for the imaginary (ha ha), and you will be free (a).

2. The part of the retreat will focus on the practice of scattering conviction and belief in the conditional (conventional) reality.

Non-management has deep roots. Trends to live from the "I" - from the ego is very strong.

Practice on the retreat:

  • Energy Makhinur,
  • Entry into altered states of consciousness trans,
  • Seven keys
  • Meditation Presence
  • Meditation genuine movement
  • A dynamic group ... and others ...

Terms of retreat: The noble silence.

The mastermind of this theme of the retreat for me, is a respected monk Phra Montry, two years later, after the video we met again at the monastery in northern Thailand.

link to video:  Vipassana and non-conducting. Conversations Rama monk Montri (Part 1) 

In their '74, Phra Montry preparing for the inauguration of the monastery, is preparing to travel to Australia at the invitation of his disciples and still teaches Vipassana westerners.


Take imagined for the imaginary (ha ha), and you will be free.

 Play it!
Registration for the retreat began on March 7 and will last till April 7 and will include the screening stage, which simultaneously will be the preparation for participation in the retreat.
  Registration can go:
as the site Oasis Awakening

link to the registration site 

or by e-mail, write a request to participate in a retreat at the address Teams Oasis Awakening:

Play it!

Love, Team Oasis Awakening.


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