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Friday 27 November, 2015

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November 25 to begin the selection on "Wake up retreat", which will be held in South America in May 2016.
Five players Leela Academy received an invitation to participate in the selection for the retreat.
Selections will be completed December 6, 2015.
Of the five people will be selected only two, which will go into an unforgettable journey.
The participation in this retreat, requires careful preparation of participants, and among trained should be selected internally mature.
"Wake up retreat" will require participants to complete and total surrender, which will be verified by tests at the retreat.
Recall that earlier, have one player Leela Academy, Pearl, was able to successfully complete this retreat.

Play it!
Yahuu :)
TNE Leela.


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Прошу рассмотреть мою заявку на участие в WAKE UP RETREAT. С Любовью, Лебедь.

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