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Tuesday 01 December, 2015

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This weekend, at the Academy of Lila start immersion retreats into himself.
This few-group retreats, to accustom the consciousness and the body for prolonged immersion in an independent inner workings.
By participating in this retreat, you go to a conscious meeting as a true part of yourself, and with a huge number of false identifications.
During the retreat, you can revive the resistance.
You may feel that you can no longer sit, that does not give you the body does not get enough sleep, just some heavy condition ... but remember that it is under different masks, "dwarf" is not trying to give you a pass into the zone LIGHT . His task is to leave you in the dark and non-conducting.
At some point it may be difficult to bear. ..but remember that moment is important ... and draw this retreat reached the apogee and now, you either lose the rally, we identify with the victim and the body, or will be able to win, continuing to practice and go to the light.
When there are such moments, first of all, realizing resistance, smile at him, tell you any programs you do not believe this decadent thoughts endure, watch, and soon, you will come out of this dark zone Services.
Use every minute of your stay at the retreat for the approximation to the true parts of yourself, like the process that takes.
And all the visible and invisible forces of enlightenment will help you with this.
God be with you the grace of Consciousness.



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