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Sunday 24 July, 2016

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As part of the training program at the Academy of The Leela "The development of spiritual relations between parents and children," Oasis Awakening is a book that extremely relevant for both adults and children.

It is written as an interesting story of a little girl who learned to live and to feel that life is good. This story, part history of the development of the author's books. And that's why, the main character of the book is the author's name.

The author Meena Lee, lives in Seoul. Right now, when there was a familiarity with her, she flew away on a retreat in China to master yoga, which is familiar for 20 years.

For six years, she painted pictures, which then came to the texts. Part of the book is the product of her meditation, because both pictures and texts came when she was in an unusual state of consciousness, in the emptiness of the mind.

Meena Lee has invested in the creation of the book a lot of love and warmth of his heart, as well as a profound belief that it is necessary to share their talents and realize them. This book is the first in its series of books, which she already sees and is yet in the head.

The book was published a very small circulation in Seoul in English. In addition, the book teaches the rules of the spiritual life, it is a very good tool for learning English, both for adults and for children, as is written in simple and easy to understand language.

 The book is full of illustrations that drew Meena for six years. When she embarked on this project, she did not know how to draw, and for two years, she has just learned to paint, and further honed the skill of the artist. As a result of the character come to life on the pages of the book and passes through visual messages, the basic message that is contained in the book's title: I can feel good.

Summary of the book:

At the very beginning of the book, the main character discovers that he eels angry, but do not know how to feel better and later in the book, going through the negation of life, the girl transformed and converted into one that can live happily, and understand that it is up to her.

Order the book "I can feel better" and get it in the mail, you can write your application to the address: poi120372@mail.ru.

Cost of the book is specified because includes shipment from Seoul.

For participants Gaming travel to South Korea, the book can be ordered to give in Seoul (in this case will not have to pay transport costs for shipping).


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