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Sunday 14 August, 2016

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Another remote game, the players will be available on the formless levels of the Remote Fifth Winter Games.

Awareness - is the queen, and all other practices only subservient awareness.

We are here just for this and came - to become aware, to wake up from anesthesia maya - unconsciousness.

Unconsciousness - the root of suffering. Definite time we spend being unconscious. But we already know that we are not only the body. We are the soul of gross bodies, both in suits, as in diving suits. Every soul has prints from the past. These undeveloped "Sanskar" (tendency of the mind) - they are again, the reason for our incarnation of our birth. And if we are not aware, they affect our lives on. They multiply, branches, they create new desires. They are continuing. Every second tkёtsya pattern of our next life. Lest we forget you have to be very vigilant.

Our every word, our reckless idea, our imagination, our plan to create a reality and already our inner universe is constantly being rebuilt, according to our reactions to situations, drawing tunnels reality of our future self.

When we realize the jewel of consciousness, we are in the present, without fear.

Abiding totally, aware.

Understand what it means to be in the present, to master this art, you need to devote to this life.

But when you have learned to be aware, this jewel, you can not lose, it stays with you forever.

Everyone who came in this game, there is equal time: 24 hours a day, which you can control how you want.

Remember !!! Time passes quickly. Time - it's like a swift river.

This incarnation is our chance !!! and it can not be overlooked.

When this life is perceived as something very precious, we must understand that the most important thing in life - is to understand God. But how to understand it? Then we begin to understand metody.Glavny method: Stay in the natural nature of the mind in its natural awareness.

Through awareness, even the deities manifest themselves. Deity - it is our pure nature. They are hidden in us always, and mindfulness can show them.

So, on the Remote Fifth Winter Games, for players who have confirmed the formless levels of the game, will be available

Remote Play Time. Self-awareness.


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