Announcement: New Remote game level Warrior: Pedigree. Psychogenetics. Capabilities.

Wednesday 25 January, 2017

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In spring and summer the Remote Games 2017, which will take place from the end of April to August 2017, the Academy players Leela new remote game level Warrior will be available:

"Pedigree. Psychogenetics. Possibilities".

In this remote game, we are with you, my dear friend, zaymёmsya study of hereditary transmission of psychological properties you as a character (personality). Hereditary factor (genotype) in conjunction with the environment has an impact on the formation of various mental characteristics.

During the game we will make Remote genealogical tree of your family are going to do an analysis of the practical life of our behavior and the laws by which our ancestors lived, and now we are living.

Often this analysis gives us an understanding of what led us to the current state and how to direct their lives to success and harmony, especially with yourself.

As can be seen from the title: "Psychogenetics", the key word is the root of this gene.

The genes responsible for congenital characteristics, psychological and human health.

Genes transmit a program to a greater degree to the next generation, and a generation, that is, your genes are not your children, and your grandchildren have. And your children - the genes of your parents.

For example, a man felt a strong sense of guilt, due to the fact that he was speaking demotic language "womanizer." His addition to his wife, it was necessary to have more relationships on the side. And so it was with the youth. When he began to study their genogram, it turned out that he is one of the branches of the roots in the Muslim past, where his great-grandfather and the previous men had harems. This pattern of behavior approves in the 19th century, it became a play in the family through the generations in a social society, and manifest in the 20th century in the country of the Soviet Union, did not find it social approval.

Genes determine our physical and mental characteristics, the genes specify that we as humans can not fly and breathe under water, but we can learn human speech and writing.

Boys more easily orient themselves in the objective world, girls - in the world of relationships. Someone born with an absolute ear for music, someone - with absolute memory, and someone with the average intelligence.

By the way, it depends on the age of the parents: the average age of parents whose children are born genius - his mother 27 years old, the father of 38.

Genes determine many of our traits and inclinations. Boys - a tendency to deal with machines, instead of dolls. Genes affect our individual predisposition, including disease, to antisocial behavior, to talent, physical or intellectual activities, etc.

It is important to always remember that the tendency is pushing a person, but does not determine its behavior.

For propensity genes are responsible for the behavior - people.

Yes, and their inclinations can work: some develop, make your favorite, and some left outside of your attention, to extinguish them, to forget ... (NOT-making machinery) in Lila Academy.

Genes determine the time when a certain talent or our tendency to manifest or not.

I hit the right time, when the genes are ready - made miracle. Missed time - flies past. Today susceptibility to the educational process is open - the "white list" or "absorb only the good," and tomorrow, as the king of the movie "Ordinary Miracle": "In me wake up my grandmother, and I will kink."

Genes determine when we wake up sexual attraction, and when it goes to sleep. Genes influence on happiness, and character traits.

After analyzing data from more than 900 pairs of twins, Edinburgh University psychologists have found evidence for the existence of genes that determine traits, a tendency to happiness, the ability to better handle stress.

Aggression and kindness, brilliance and dementia, autism or extroversion - are transmitted from parents to children like the makings.

All this changed upbringing, but in varying degrees, since there are the makings of varying strength. We teach a child or not, it is also related to his genetics. Immediately note: healthy children quite teachable. Human genetics makes the person being trained exclusively!

Genes - the carriers of our capabilities, including the possibilities for change and improvement.

Interestingly, men and women in this respect, the different possibilities. Men more often than women, are born with certain abnormalities: men more than those who will be very high and very low, very smart, and vice versa, and talented idiot. It seems that nature on the men - experimenting ... In this case, if it so was born a man, he changed it for life is very difficult. Man tied to their genotype, the phenotype (external manifestation of the genotype) - varies slightly.

Born long - and long stay. Runt through sport can rise to 1-2 centimeters, but no more.

In women, the situation is different. Women are born on average over the same, including biological, genetic deviations less. Most of average height, average intelligence, an average of decency, idiots and sludge among women less than men. But the outstanding intellectually or morally - is similar. It seems that evolution, conducting experiments on men, on women decide not to take risks and invest in women are the most reliable.

This individual (phenotypic) variability is higher for women: if a girl was born small relative to the other, it will be able to stretch to 2-5 cm (more than can man) ... Women have more freedom from its genotype have a greater opportunity than men , change themselves.

Genes give us our options, and genes also limit our ability.

From the grain of wheat grows proud ear of wheat, and from apple seedlings - beautiful branched apple tree. Our essence, our inclination and opportunity to realize themselves give us our genes. On the other hand, from the wheat grain will grow only an ear of wheat, from seedling apple grows only apples, and as a frog or swell in a bull she does not swell. She even burst from the strain forces will not suffice.

The man - part of nature, too, and all of the above is true for him. Genes determine the limits of our capabilities, including our ability to change ourselves, to strive for growth and development. If you are lucky with the genes you were able to perceive the influence of your parents and teachers, increased developed, decent and talented man. Thanks to parents!

If your genes are less fortunate, and you (gasp!) Were born Down in the fine surroundings of you will grow only bred down. In this sense, our genes - is our destiny, and their genes, their capacity to grow and change - we can not change directly.

Rather, the truth is that the more a person is removed from the animal world, the lower the innate and more by purchasing. While it must be admitted that most of us have a lot of innate.

On average, according to geneticists, genes determine human behavior by 40%.

In favorable conditions and a good educational process, the possible negative predisposition can not be realized, or to correct, "hide behind" awakened the influence of neighboring genes and a positive disposition, sometimes hidden - manifest. Sometimes a person (child) does not know its capabilities, and categorically "put an end" to say that "this ugly duckling swan will not grow" - it is dangerous.

Another risk, another risk - spend time and energy on the man from whom the sensible yet nothing would be gained.

They say that everyone can be a genius, and it is theoretically true. However, almost one for this is enough for thirty years, and the other is necessary for three hundred years.

Sports trainers say that it is an innate talent, rather than the method of training, the most important factor shaping the future champion.

If a girl is born brown-haired woman with green eyes and a "predisposition" to the fullness, it is possible, of course, paint the hair and wear colored lenses: the girl would still be green-eyed brown-haired woman. But whether it "predisposition" to incarnate pyatdesyatbolshie sizes worn by all her relatives, depends largely on her own. And even more so by her own will determine whether it will be the age of forty, sitting in this pyatdesetbolshom amount to abuse the state and nesklavshuyusya life (as do all her own relatives) or find a lot of other interesting activities.

Can a person change, once overcome, and once to improve their genetics? The answer to this question can not be shared because it is set individually and genetically. The most important thing is that today no expert will not give you a definite answer, the answer you will find yourself just starting out with a run, beginning to change ourselves.

Can I change myself in the right side of us, we can only understand by experience, beginning with a do.


Genes define opportunities depends on us, how we realize these opportunities.

If you have good genetics, you can make it even better and pass on to their children as the most precious gift.

Our DNA remembers what our childhood was there observing that genetically transmitted habits, skills, aptitudes, and even manners.

If you have developed the breeding, beautiful manners, put a good voice, accustomed themselves to the daily routine and responsibilities, that is a good chance that, sooner or later it will go into the genotype of your surname.

Genes determine our inclinations, our ability and inclination, but not our destiny. Genes determine a launch pad for activity - someone is better, someone difficult. But what it will be done based on this site - it is not the concern of genes, and the people: the person and those close to him.

Genetics can be improved - if not always in his individual destiny is definitely in the fate of a kind.

And this we will deal with playing in distance Game ". Pedigree Psychogenetics opportunities.".

Ha-ha! Good luck with your genetics!


The Leela.



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