New! Announcement of the Remote Game: Mahamudra or LIFE NOW.

Tuesday 03 October, 2017

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At the upcoming Sixth Winter Remote Games, a game of formless level "Mahamudra or LIFE NOW" will be available.

This D.I. was written by Rama during his visit to Ladak (Lesser Tibet) and visits to the place of Knowledge - "the heavenly gate".

This is a Game about the development of Clarity of Self-Consciousness. Available to players who have confirmed the formless level and who played Remote games:

  • Time. Self-awareness.
  • 108 conscious incarnations.
  • And received direct initiation of Self-Consciousness.

It seems to us that we have 100, 200, 1000 tomorrow, so much time to live in it and spend it unlimited.

But for some of us there is only today and all that you do today is very important and for a moment and for eternity.

But we do not know this until death looms on our horizon.

And suddenly, everything that you do at this moment, and maybe forever, becomes important.

Playing this game, you get to the level of the game, which happens ONLY NOW !!!

  And only HERE !!!

The basis, the path and the goal of the game level, the formless player is Mahamudra.

Mahamudra - consists in the immediate presence of the practitioner in the state of the true nature of the mind in the clarity of Self-Consciousness Always.
  • The root of the continuous cycle of conditioned existence - samsara, as well as the resulting suffering, is the original ignorance - the dualistic perception of the world, based on a false sense of individuality, independence and constancy of personality (in fact, neither separate, independent nor permanent).

Immediate stay in the essence of the mind - the inseparability of perception and emptiness, is achieved through the adherence to Mahamudra, that is, preserving the clarity of Self-Consciousness always, in whatever state the body and mind are, in particular:

  • Meditation (the theme of this remote game)
  • Waking (the theme of this remote game)
  • dream with dreams,
  • deep dream,
  • dying and
  • the period between the death of the body and the conception of the next.

The clarity of self-consciousness (Mahamudra) is the last practice until the full realization of the Great Transition or the body of Light.



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