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Here so transformational process "before and after" a butterfly the Sailing vessel (Black Swallowtail) looks                                                                     

Most of the people enduring spiritual crisis after all should plunge into dark areas and to pass through them before they it is reached a condition of freedom, light and a pacification. 

For some people who are in process of AWAKENING — both in its drama, and in softer forms — the task to live one more day, a task to keep opportunity to work usually can become a serious call.

The normal, seeming idle time activity which is part of everyday life, can suddenly become difficult or causing a depression. 

Often the individuals who are in crisis are filled with internal experiences which are so sated with emotions, power and power force that it is difficult to separate live and bright images of an inner world from events of external reality. In such situations it is often difficult to maintain concentration of attention, and it can cause big difficulties in the people enduring crisis. 

Fast, frequent changes of conditions of consciousness can become the reason of a panic also. Incapable to function in the usual way, people in such situation feel the powerlessness, an inefficiency and fault.

It is important to tell that Awakening process - not always and often is very not simple.

It is interfaced to total transformation of the person at the level of physiology, emotions, thinking. 

With full process of destruction of old, former perception of the world, on new, hitherto the unknown.

Even accompanied with the conductor, this process goes sometimes very dramatically that in itself is normal for the nature and for the process of transformation. Yes it such is you also want or not, but to everyone who began to waken, it is necessary to endure it.

"Reconstruction in the Awakening Oasis in Nakhodka, reminds me that happened to me in the peak of transformation, demonstrating as there is a process of AWAKENING through deep full transformation of CONSCIOUSNESS" - Rama remembers.




Former form which generally was also not bad and in what - that even it is very interesting,


As well as at caterpillars as if the unnecessary cover, starts collapsing and be replaced with the new.


And this process lasts some  time.



It is necessary to know simply that "new existence" will become the final of all this transformational process. The being creeping hitherto will become flying:)

It is only necessary to trust in existence and to pass through the surprising transformation which is carried out by the LIFE. 

 Pavlinoglazka Attacus atlas

How transformation of the Oasis of Awakening in Nakhodka in the International Center for Individual retrit prodolazhtsya, you look and read in the following news.


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