The third upgrade of the site.

Wednesday 20 April, 2016

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After 1.5 years after the release site Oasis Awakening in light Sangha Oasis Awakening continues to work on its improvement.

After the third modernization of the site changes

1. The appearance of the site. Our message to the visual design of the site, reports the classic pattern Lila card. Now we have the site reflect only the upper part of this figure (the culmination of the development). Now we would like to reflect the beginning of the development, which is reflected in the lower part of the main figure at the square (map), where part of the men tend to the physical merger (sex), some of the people goes up, some falling down, and the part tends to merge in sex .

We would like to see this figure on the page below, harmoniously complement the top figure and thus logically completed the concept of our visual messages.

2. The forum-tool for communication players with a guide (by type, which are now on the blog) will be added.
3. optimization download site will be carried out.
4. Fixed bugs.
5.Dobavleny new emoticons, to a wider opportunity to express their emotions through correspondence.
6.I most important change - the construction of the Ashram Internet Oasis Probuzhdeniya- Satya Loka. This Ashram will function for players Leela Academy. Information for all players access to opportunities to visit the Ashram begins to level a warrior. Ashram (. Skt आश्रम, āśrama IAST) means - the abode of sages and hermits. They are usually located in a remote location - in the mountains or in the woods. It is therefore understandable why the ashram of Satya Loka Oasis Awakening can be accessed only by experienced meditators and serious players Leela Academy.
The main purpose of the Ashram "Satya Loka" serves the spiritual development

Academy players Lila.


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