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Sunday 15 May, 2016

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The program of modernization of the third site was part of the problem, create a forum for the players, where they could more freely and clearly communicate with both the conductor and the participants themselves to gaming activities.

And by May 2016. the developer has provided Oasis Awakening Forum, which will be tested in the upcoming events.

These spring-summer the Remote games, participants will be able isprobovat- this new means of communication players and conductor, as well as the players together, playing a draw.

The Forum will allow players to receive comments on your game as a conductor "Sangha", and players playing in those remote games.

Such means of communication necessary for a sense of community during long distance games, especially when the players live far away in a place where like-minded people there. Moreover forum-appointment is also in increasing motivation PLAY!

Awakens TASK-is also included in the appointment of the Forum.

Find Forum is very easy.

In the main menu of the site: Remote option in the game, you will find podokoshechko Forum.

Clicking on the forum, you will appear on the page a list of forums.

Just say that the Forum was developed as a means for the players enrolled in the Academy of Lila. Consequently, many themes of the Forum will only be available to players participating in certain events (for access to the forum rules read the forum "Announcements", theme "FAQ").

But there will be a common theme of the Forum, which is open to all users registered on the site.

Ha Ha!

With Love, Sangha.


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