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Saturday 04 June, 2016

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Game Travel are part of the training programs of the Academy and Leela are teaching method, the players confirmed levels missionary and formless player.

Today, the complexity of the game has reached its maximum travel. For example, if the first game travel to Seoul on the degree of complexity equal to 5 points out of 10, the program of the third game Journey to South Korea, which will be held from 16 to 27 September, is complicated to 8-9.

  From 2017 to the bidders for the travel game players will have access, starting with a confirmed level of a missionary.

As shown carried out in 2015 confirm the verification levels of players, not all the players were able to confirm the levels of the game according to the passed training. For example, some players have already passed at missionary training, but in fact confirm the verification of the game at this level could not. As some players were unable to confirm the level of warrior and hunter.

What does this mean?

Information training, that is, the passage of learning retreats and remote gaming is not yet a fact of assigning the appropriate level of the player in the game.

Also, it still says that in reality, to accept even a hunter level Leela Academy, you need to really have personal power and Lila Academy every year, will improve the levels of verification, testing players in the real level of compliance with the game.

For Hunters and Warriors game trip is not an adequate form of education as primarily Gaming travel requires a player to sustainable capacity for meditation in motion. And for that, the player must first comprehend what meditation alone.

Retreats "Dive into yourself", which are held throughout the year in the Individual retreat center "Samadhi" Oasis Awakening - are of the playground, where the hunter and warrior, along with other activities (full-time retreats with Rama, Distantsionnve games, skype retreats) preparing for Moreover, to be able to meditate in motion.

In 2016-2017g. ACADEMY Leela developed new routes travel game:

  • Thailand. The Land of Smiles.
  • Israel. HOLY LAND.
  • India. Little Tibet.
  • China. Grand Tibet.

Participation in all of gaming travel requires the actual presence of personal power players.

Pogramma all game made up of travel for players with a high level of Self-realization and the ability to play simultaneously on all levels:

  • Hunter
  • Warrior
  • Missionary
  • Formless player
  • Observer

During a game of travel, with the help of external conditions sattvic (only selected countries with high potential sattwic holy places), players must reveal the mystery that lies within them.

To do this, they should be able to fly (in terms of active movements) clearly and accurately perform the four floors of the Academy of practices Lila.

A special mode of the day, intensive razotozhdestvlyayuschie practices against the background of traveling, stalking their game sostoyaniy- make the journey as the saturated events and experiences.

In each game the players journey always follow the main goal of the game on the level of the formless: disidentification with false identifications. To accomplish this task, players will enter the special places in which consciousness is accumulated over many hundreds and thousands of years -razotozhdestvlyayuschuyu sattwic energy.

Having reached these places, the player will only accurately and use this resource properly.

The program is part of a retreat in every journey is made so that the players will show exactly where and how to better use the potential of sattwic place and what kind of practices must be followed to penetrate the sattva in the world of the Absolute.

Register all gaming journey usually begins within 7-10 months prior to the beginning and the first stage of selection is to buy a ticket.

So, get ready!

If today, gaming journey for you yalyayutsya something unattainable, then tomorrow, if regular practice and the accumulation of personal power in various rozygryshah- events, participate in gaming, travel becomes a reality.



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