New Remote game of 2016-17 season.

Monday 15 August, 2016

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Programs Distance games 2016-17gg season. expanded new level of remote Warrior games and Formless player.

Because while studying at the Academy of Lila, many players had children, while others are rapidly growing up, it goes without saying becomes relevant the question of how, their knowledge, players can intersperse in the education of their children system, forming their worldview, laying the foundations for the formation of personality and relationships with oneself and the world.

Already in the fifth distant Winter Games, players will be available for several new remote games.

And first we will present to your attention this Remote play: Spiritual education of children.

This game will implement the following tasks:

  • The development of spiritual relations between parents and children.
  • And the main question that should answer every parent: How to conduct the spiritual education of children?

Everyone knows that the fundamentals of education, spiritual and physical development, it is necessary to lay a child. Like the principle of prevention, which must always be carried out long before the emergence of the disease, the foundations of spiritual upbringing and outlook, it is necessary to lay in childhood, until the moment when the case of complex life and spiritual crises. This implicit in childhood knowledge base, will provide a firm support for the rest of the child's life and will guide him in a variety of situations.

The most secret desire of any parent - to see how their child has achieved success in life, but how many of us realize that the most direct way to success is through the spirit? usually it does not connect in our society - quite the contrary.

We teach our children how to survive, how to behave so as to win the approval of how to protect themselves, how to compete with others, how to resist frustration, obstacles and setbacks. Although belief in God and is usually recognized as a good thing, the spirit has traditionally been standing on the side of success in everyday life.

This is the wrong approach, and since childhood has a very strong impact on all our lives.

Probably one of the parents, to meet the spiritual development, would say something like this: "If I had when I was a kid, taught these simple things, my life would have taken a completely different I would have known something precious and at the same time having a practical sense, something. so that would not be effaced from memory, like a school lesson, and year after year, have developed into a mature spiritual understanding. "

     A child who receives a spiritual education, acquires the ability to answer the most important questions about how the universe works; he can understand the source of creativity both in themselves and outside; he will be able to stick to non-judgment, acceptance and sincerity.

        And for interaction with other people is the most important what a person can have - he will be free from crippling his fear and anxiety about the meaning of life that drains the hearts of many adults, they admit it or not.

       The spirit must be developed, it must be nourished and encouraged. When this is done, the spirit of an innocent child develops, it becomes strong enough to resist the harsh realities often not the spiritual world.

The most valuable, the food you can give your child - it is spiritual food. A child who is sent into the world with prints of genuine spiritual knowledge, will reflect the confidence and trust of their parents.

 The terms of participation:

Remote In this game players can take part of the Academy of Lila level WARRIOR trained introspection and played in the remote play "The Seven Spiritual Laws."

The game involves the cooperation of both parents (mothers and fathers), and require the player's ability (personal power), to bring to the game and your spouse (y).

In the future, the Academy of Leela, will conduct retreats for parents and children together. To do this is very well suited as a form of "Game of Travel" and holding "the games" at the summer retreat based Oasis Awakening.



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