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Saturday 13 August, 2016

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All players Leela Academy live social life and, moreover, the training program at the Academy of Lila offers players to use social aspects of life as an excellent catalyst for development.

 In our development we gain a certain level of courage and ability to act and not a template prepared to do in this world, based on their desires and talents. Few of us are able to take risks and to organize their business, and organizing successfully run it for many years.

But for a player, any social activity is the only way of development and Remote game:

· Creativity · · His work Spirituality

it is the guide to have reached a certain level of personal power players who can integrate their activities (their job) with the work through the prism of spiritual development in Leela Academy.

You learn a few important archive important rules:

The picture of the world a person can only change yourself.

The master, having no one standard response to every situation - the creator, and is running at the level of inventions, discoveries.

The first and most important skill a person highly effective in all circumstances - is a skill of awareness. This means that we are responsible for their own lives. Our behavior depends on our decisions, not from our environment.

Just say that this game will require the player to inner maturity, a certain degree of freedom and, above all developed the skills of a hunter and warrior.

   Technical readiness player assumes fluent (English) skills :) hunter and warrior, so the game is available only to players who played all the games Self-Examination (Level Warrior). In addition, the remote game, recommended especially for players who are "his business", in other words the business, but we deliberately replace the word business on "their business" and in the distance the game you will understand why are freelancers or just thinking about how to open "their job".

 But in the development of very strong temptation to stop.

You may ask, but for now I will be engaged in development, who will feed me?

Ha-ha! You yourself. We are talking only about the priorities.

, Revolves, gain status of employee, an entrepreneur. But you need to have personal power.

If you are a business, each situation is considered not as a way to make money, but as an opportunity to develop as a spiritual practice, then your work becomes woven into your system practice and becomes a part of your Path.

Each business is situatsiya- draw life and you gain knowledge from their own experience, in situations directly, and as stated in the Arab saying: - One produced the experience of seven important rules of wisdom.

Human significantly change the situation in which he is deeply affected by what is happening. Situations where it is not an observer or reader and an active participant in and forced to change their stereotypes, to resolve the situation. To change or create a new template requires that the person himself discovered, experienced for themselves the truth, rather than read about it.

  You learn a few important archive important rules:

Popular wisdom says: Because you got for free, you pay triple. Free cheese is only in a mousetrap. The universe operates on the principle of exchange (rather than freebies, veiled by different convenient excuse).

During this distance game, you will need to change their view of the world. Changing the point of view, the direction of attention - and change the world. Each of us is born initially limited to certain concepts, and only the most severe crises, when a man ruthlessly criticized everything that was sacred to him, provide an opportunity to overcome their limitations.

  You learn a few important archive important rules:

Most (the vast majority), no one will help, others will help only yourself (if you're lucky).

During this distance game, we will learn not to wait until the crisis, we want peace. We will stay ahead of the bite of a cobra, creating crises themselves, through our business.

We all try to understand what and how to work the business, we do most of our time, to turn from work to work.

   You learn a few important archive important rules:

  External circumstances - nothing. The man himself - All.

For example,

  • Benjamin Franklin in his younger years, proceed as follows. He chose a quality, character trait and weekly paid attention only to the improvement of the properties. Then, the next week he was involved in other quality. Thus, he could work out all the qualities that are considered important.
  •  Jack London's novel "Martin Eden" described as a semi-literate man for two or three years with the help of self-education has become one of the most educated members of society.
  •  Mikhailo Lomonosov foot with fish wagon train came to Moscow and became one of the leading scientists in the world at that time.

 So, on the Remote Fifth Winter Games, will start a new Remote Play: Creativity · · · His work Spirituality

  You learn a few important archive important rules:

Conscious approach to error lies in its quick recognition and correction of extracting the necessary lessons. This approach turns the failure into success. So !!! "Success - is the other side of failure."



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