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Wednesday 20 June, 2018

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Before acquainting you with this announcement, read the wise Zen parable.

One Zen master was asked: "What did you usually do before you became enlightened?"

He said: "I used to cut wood and carry water from a well."

Then he was asked: "And now, when you have become enlightened, what are you doing?"

He said: "What else can I do?" I cut wood and carry water from a well. The questioner, of course, was puzzled.

He asked: "What's the difference then?"

Before Enlightenment, you did this and after Enlightenment do the same, what then is the difference?

Master laughed and said: - The difference is big.

  •   I used to do this before, but now it all happens naturally.
  • Previously, I had to make an effort: before I became enlightened, it was a duty that I had to do, do not reluctantly, forcing myself.

I did this because I was told to do it; my teacher told me to cut wood, so I chopped it. But deep down I was angry, although outwardly I did not say anything.

Now I just chop wood, because I know the beauty and joy associated with it. I carry water from a well because it is necessary. It's not my duty, but my love. I love the old man. It's getting cold, the winter is already knocking, we'll need firewood. Every day the teacher grows old; he needs more heat. It is necessary to heat its dwelling well.

  •  It is from this love that I chop wood.
  • From this love I carry him water from a well.

Now there is a big difference. There is no reluctance, no resistance. I just respond to the moment and the current need.

In October and November 2017. in Nakhodka and Vladivostok, Rama will conduct full-time individual consultations as a doctor-psychotherapist.

Not every illness should be treated - it is enough to understand another.

The spectrum of diseases, concerning which advises Rama, has no boundaries, because the key in the patient's condition is the word disease. Together with Rama you will be able to understand the reasons (the origins of your illness) and the ways to solve it (see the path to recovery).

Health is the only good that everyone takes from himself!

Rama graduated from the medical institute in Tomsk in 1996. and first specialized in acupuncture, then manual therapy, applied kinesiology, but after a deep immersion in the training of psychotherapy, in his work with people began to use Eriksson's hypnosis, psychodrama, gestalt, arrangement, methods of group psychotherapy (namely the dynamic group), in parallel creating and engaged in the system of self-regulation SamGuru.

Poverty is on the heels of laziness, and disease - for intemperance. Boast Pierre

Frame about the diseases:

First of all, you need to know that the disease is not a tragedy, it's not the end - it's just a gross signal of the organism, that you live like that in a way that your

  • way of life,
  • thinking,

both consciously and unconsciously - form the symptoms, which are generally called disease.

Illnesses with medicines are not treated, my dear ... to live it is necessary correctly ... M.Veller

Any disease - first of all makes you develop and change yourself, become more reasonable.

If you managed to take a lesson in the disease and change yourself and your attitude to life, then the disease disappears.

Disease is a healthy reaction of the body to our unhealthy lifestyle. Leonid Sukhorukov

Each disease always has its own causes and consequences. It is important to realize them and, if possible, eliminate them both.

Causes of diseases can be on

  • Genetic level (karmic)
  • Mental level
  • Emotional level
  • Physical layer
  • Behavioral level (bad habits)
  • Biochemical level (+ ecology)
  • Energy level

Disease is one of the ways of the body to tell us that there is some false idea in our minds. This is evidence that some of our beliefs, actions or thoughts do not benefit us. The body, as it were, turns to us with entreaty, crying: "Please pay attention to me!" Louise Hay

It is also important, on the example of one disease, changing your attitude to life, learning to change in a timely manner, listening to light body signals when the disease has not yet formed.

Frame about itself:

The natural forces within us are the true healers of the disease. Hippocrates

The gift of treatment of people I began to disclose by the end of the 5th year of medical institute. From that moment, I quickly began to learn non-traditional methods of treatment and had always had extensive practice.

After graduating from the institute, I treated for several years the method of acupuncture (acupuncture), then added manual therapy, because the problems of the spine were treated more effectively by methods of direct exposure to it.

In parallel, I became acquainted with spiritual practices, or rather with meditations and taught them all of my patients.

But in the future, I came to the conclusion that psychotherapy comes first in the treatment of almost all diseases, since at the basis of almost all diseases lie distorted pictures of the worldview and relations with oneself and with the world.

It is psychological correction that sets the person and to lead a healthy lifestyle and to change their destructive behavior programs, often, which a person does not even suspect.

The price of health is felt after illness. Denis Ivanovich Fonvizin.

I would have continued to practice medicine, but in 2007, when the first flash of Awakening happened to me (awareness of my true nature), I honestly admitted to myself that I do not know where to lead people exactly (at the time, I taught the self-regulation system that I developed SamGuru).
Having only a glimpse of the realization of Eternity, I did not have a full picture of what HEALTH is and what is total Self-realization and where does the spiritual path lead?
Then, I left the activity and completely let myself go, honestly devoting 100% of my time to my own inner self-knowledge. Thus, from the desire to heal and educate others, I came to understand the need for total personal learning from Life and spent five years in solitude until I met my final teacher, after meeting with whom, a full understanding of Genesis and comfort came. Only after that, I was ready again to return to this "illusory world" and live in it, now from the level of knowing how everything is.

We inflict more suffering on ourselves, treating ourselves to our diseases than transferring them. J.-J. Rousseau

At the same time, I returned to my former activities, which I was bored, but internally I was ready to never accompany people again, but to lead Life in modest solitude.

But Life knows best how everything should be and with complete humility at the beginning I stated about the organization of the Oasis of Awakening, and then of the Academy of Leela and now I return to my main profession - healing.

I know that before leaving the body, I will be engaged in these projects, which are for me, first of all an expression of LOVE Existence to myself. Existence always gives clues and opportunities for getting out of the trap of illusions, but it's all about your VISTURE (the ability to See) and one day, you as well as I, as well as many great souls who are now known as spiritual teachers - can SEE The game of CONSCIENCE - Leela.

The last 10 years I traveled a lot, lived in many different countries and saw that regardless of nationalities, different mentalities, the principle of disease formation and recovery in all people is the same.

Dates of in-person consultations with Rama:

in Nakhodka:

  • 4,11,12,25,26 October.

in Vladivostok:

  • 14.15 October,
  • 11.12 November
  •  25,26  November


    To sign up for Rama's consultations in Nakhodka and Vladivostok, you can call: 8 (914) 712 32 43


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