Events "Oasis of Awakening" for 2022


Announcement: По уровням Академии Лила (период Весна -Лето)

Сезон Весенне-Летних игр 2019г.

Никто не может выполнить величайшей задачи, которую на него возлагает великая Жизнь, в одно воплощение. Целый ряд их, следующих друг за другом, поднимает в человеке на высоту совершенства таящиеся в нём силы.

Обучение в Академии Лила носит непрерывный характер, и  в середине мая для всех учеников Академии Лила, будут доступны Дистанционные игры в период весна-лето.

Частота участия в мероприятиях (розыгрышах силы), определяется личной силой игрока, внутренней зрелостью и текущими событиями жизни.

Старт Дистанционных игр назначен на  16 мая 2019.

В этом году, на весенне-летних Дистанционных играх, участники  будут иметь возможность он-лайн встречи с Рамой и скайп-консультации с "Открытыми сердцами".

  Дистанционные Игры доступные в сезоне 2019 смотреть здесь:  НАЗВАНИЯ ДИСТАНЦИОННЫХ ИГР.

Регистрация на ретрит открыта  с 1 мая. 



Comments on the forum Video retreat.


All participants Video retreat with Rama, 1 floor practices, please first comment in a Word or somewhere where you could save it, and only then copy to send comments. Seen a programming error - loss of text.

The problem at present is solved and will be fixed as soon as we report it as news.

With Love, Sangha.


SCHEDULE retreats

December and January - time for individual retreats in the heart of "Samadhi" Oasis Awakening.

Existing Players Academy Lila, can participate in the selection of participants in the hand FORCE.

Below, you can see the schedule of retreats.

Notice that the length of the second and fourth retritov- includes two long days of meditation.

Whereas the first, third and fifth retreats include one long day meditatsiy.Dlinny day meditation takes place in a continuous practice from 4.30 to 22.00. You need to adequately assess their capabilities and with full responsibility to apply for a particular retreat.

Participation in retreats "Dive into yourself" require from you TOTAL Absolute perfection warrior, hunter, Missionary, Formless Player !!!

Arrival and departure can be flexible for players coming by train or by plane, as well as coming from distant regions of Primorye on the bus. In this case, the time of arrival and departure will have to negotiate.

  Registration for the retreat has already begun. Number of seats on each retreat is limited (maximum one retreat can participate from 2 to 3 people). The small size of the group is one of the tools for this retreat. Each participant will be in full view of the master and any methods of evasion practices will indicate the participant and thus teach him to perform flawlessly practice ...

Read completely...


Schedule retreat and What to bring?

Players who qualify for the upcoming retreat, check in your account qualifying task: Schedule retreat and What to bring?

Applied in the clip CALENDAR DAYS to retreat CHANGED 19.10, a more precise timetable look before leaving for the retreat.

See you!

With Love, Sangha.


Registration for the retreat ends today, 19 October.

The final part of the "Concept and Reality" Part 3, to be held in Vladivostok on 23, 24, 25, 26 October.

New: The program included holding a retreat "Satsang".

Players will continue to be approved in the knowledge that such a "concept" and what is "reality."

The tools for such knowledge will be

* Built and daily routine, which will begin at 4.30 am and end at 22.00

* Food and character

* And the group, which collected just awakened and having currently a high degree of inner activity awakening

* And practice leading to the meditation (we usually call them and meditation)

* + Arrangement and psychodrama

* And energy Ilahinur

* And dive into a trance and the inner workings of a trance

* And the new practice of "flow in an infinite void"

* "Dynamic Group".

New: The program included holding a retreat "Satsang". What is Satsang?


Life is Beautiful! Parting words of Rama to retreat.

The third part of the night retreat with Rama, will take place in the mode of the trip. With the movie, the participants of the retreat will be immersed in the experience of the whole spectrum of human emotion. ... Shock therapy is always the result. In our case, we laughed half the picture - everything! Enough! Scruff in a puddle ... puddle in pain. To remember is to know life - she is ... unpredictable.

But not this sobering us from the other side? Is not that what makes wake up, wake up, get out of the inner coma, and learn to appreciate, cherish and love sincerely loved ones ?! ... Before waking up, I realized about their profession, that all knowledge - the tools. I learned a lot and with pleasure, until he felt that the peak-found professionalism, it coincided with the awakening. The peculiarity of my professional success was the ability to immediately implement the knowledge gained in practice. But I think more so I had accumulated in past incarnations gift for healing, as he showed in the age of about 24 years - quite sharply, particularly in any way without revealing themselves, like a seed waiting for his moment ...