Events "Oasis of Awakening" for 2022



In 2017, Skype-in ​​retreats with Rama will participate Academy students Leela formless levels and the level of missionary **.
Players who are able to confirm these game levels, have reached a stage of the game, when the ego thins and becomes increasingly elusive. Protection are also veteevatymi and thin, to elude the player attention.
At the same time, the existential fears are exposed to the limit, but in turn, do not show gross sensations or scandalous events and honking about themselves only through subtle signs.
Playing the formless level, involves the student ready for complete surrender.
With the help of individual counseling Rama, players will receive instructions as closely as possible the way out of the blind spots of traps and go to the threshold of complete surrender, the most direct way.
All these subtle aspects of ego invisible to the players of the same level. For example, consulting each other, the formless level players can not see this level of blind spots, while a top-level player sees them obvious.
This is a known pattern in a game that saw soldiers hunting blind spots Jabneh, than hunters, missionaries see the blind spots of soldiers better than the soldiers themselves, shapeless players see blind spots clearer than all the previous levels.
On this principle is based the whole advisory Leela form of training students of the Academy. For example, "Open Heart", also conducting consultations players consist mainly of the formless level players and missionaries **, which is why they can advise missionaries, soldiers, hunters and seekers because they have the ability to see the play of Consciousness widened.
This retreat skype-Rama - an optional remote for the games, workshops, retreats, study mode, for formless level players (missionary **).
Registration on a retreat open. Dates skype-retreat with Rama will be floating throughout the year.


Shedding light on the mystery. GAME TRAVELS.

In 2016-2017g. ACADEMY Leela developed new routes travel game:

  • Thailand. The Land of Smiles.
  • Israel. HOLY LAND.
  • India. Little Tibet.
  • China. Grand Tibet.

Participation in all of gaming travel requires the actual presence of personal power players.


Forum. The new facility GAMES.


The program of modernization of the third site was part of the problem, create a forum for the players, where they could more freely and clearly communicate with both the conductor and the participants themselves to gaming activities.

And by May 2016. the developer has provided Oasis Awakening Forum, which will be tested in the upcoming events.

These spring-summer the Remote games, participants will be able isprobovat- this new means of communication players and conductor, as well as the players together, playing a draw.


The third upgrade of the site.

After 1,5 years, after the site Oasis Awakening in light Sangha continues to work on its improvement.

After the third modernization of the site will change:

1. Appearance sayta.Nashe visual message of website design, conveys a classic pattern Lila card. Now we have the site reflect only the upper part of this figure (the culmination of the development). Now we would like to reflect the beginning of the development, which is reflected in the lower part of the main figure at the square (map), where part of the men tend to the physical merger (sex), some of the people goes up, some falling down, and the part tends to merge in sex .

We would like to see this figure on the page below, harmoniously complement the top figure and thus logically completed the concept of our visual messages.

... And the most important changes to the site - the construction of the Ashram Internet Oasis Probuzhdeniya- Satya Loka.


Schedule the game Travel 2016-2019 gg.

Game Travel is the most mature form of training at the Academy and Leela are available for players who have a real personal power.

Sometimes, so the player learns, but is actually in his life does not correspond to the level of acquired knowledge.

So sometimes, players level warrior possess the real power is much greater than the level of the player receiving the knowledge missionary, and even formless player. Therefore, in the selection of gaming travel, there are exceptions to the rule selections.

 Since registration for Game Travel begins six months before the start, due to pre-purchase tickets, an indicative calendar Game Travel, which will be held at the Academy of Lila in the next 3 years, it is already known ...


Video retreat with Rama. 2 floor practices.

Beyond words, beyond description and beyond concepts is indescribable, unfathomable non-existence, which can be described only as ineffable.

This video retreat recommended Rama as the players level hunter, and the player's actions Academy Leela at all levels, since it is clear checks the validity of the level of performance practices Hunter and again contributes to purging the dark aspects of the split body and mind.

To begin the selection on this rally the forces necessary to register for the event

  Video retreat with Rama. 2 floor practices.

Ha ha ...

Play it!
The Leela.


Parting words of Rama to retreat

This weekend, at the Academy of Lila start retreats "dive inside yourself."
This few-group retreats, to accustom the consciousness and the body, for long-term immersion in the self inner workings.
By participating in this retreat, you go to a conscious meeting as a true part of yourself, and with a huge number of false identifications.


Register at Wake up retreat.


November 25 to begin the selection on "Wake up retreat", which will be held in South America in May 2016.
Five players Leela Academy received an invitation to participate in the selection for the retreat.
Selections will be completed December 6, 2015.
Of the five people will be selected only two, which will go into an unforgettable journey.


The project "Open heart" in action.

On November 16, the registration continues to retreat, "the fourth Winter Games Remote" and continue with the selections until 16 December.
It is the longest rally, hosted by the Academy of Leela that will last along with the selection of about 3 months.
Already, members of this DRAWING forces began to undergo selection. There will be four stages of selection to be time to go before the official start of the fourth Winter Games, the Remote - December 18, 2015.
The novelty of the Remote fourth games will be possible to play the participants receive during the game, on the first Skype-consultation, Sangha Oasis Awakening.
Because of the "Open Heart" selected six players that can advise and have the personal power to share-based service, karma yoga.
Advising all players were initially trained at the Academy of levels LILA Hunter, Warrior, Missionary, Formless Player.
What sent this new opportunity for the players?


New Remote games in the season 2015-2016.

The fourth WINTER GAMES OF DISTANCE, for players who have played this Remote GAME "accept the reality", made available two new remote GAMES Formless Level:

                                                                   Youth / Aging. Greetings Abode of Bliss.
                                                                               Part 1: Basic requirements.
                                                                               Dramatic Role Games.
                                                                               Part 1: The characters.
Registration for the retreat begins on November 16 and will run along with the selections until 16 December.
The official beginning of the fourth Winter Games, the Remote -
18 December 2015.
Everything about the Remote Games Academy Lila- read here: Link Remote Games
On the Remote fourth games, all players will be able to get in during the game, on the first Skype-consultation,
Sangha Oasis Awakening.