Events "Oasis of Awakening" for 2019


Announcement: Сonsultations with Rama.

In 2017, Skype-in ​​retreats with Rama will participate Academy students Leela formless levels and the level of missionary **.
Players who are able to confirm these game levels, have reached a stage of the game, when the ego thins and becomes increasingly elusive. Protection are also veteevatymi and thin, to elude the player attention.
At the same time, the existential fears are exposed to the limit, but in turn, do not show gross sensations or scandalous events and honking about themselves only through subtle signs.
Playing the formless level, involves the student ready for complete surrender.
With the help of individual counseling Rama, players will receive instructions as closely as possible the way out of the blind spots of traps and go to the threshold of complete surrender, the most direct way.
All these subtle aspects of ego invisible to the players of the same level. For example, consulting each other, the formless level players can not see this level of blind spots, while a top-level player sees them obvious.
This is a known pattern in a game that saw soldiers hunting blind spots Jabneh, than hunters, missionaries see the blind spots of soldiers better than the soldiers themselves, shapeless players see blind spots clearer than all the previous levels.
On this principle is based the whole advisory Leela form of training students of the Academy. For example, "Open Heart", also conducting consultations players consist mainly of the formless level players and missionaries **, which is why they can advise missionaries, soldiers, hunters and seekers because they have the ability to see the play of Consciousness widened.
This retreat skype-Rama - an optional remote for the games, workshops, retreats, study mode, for formless level players (missionary **).
Registration on a retreat open. Dates skype-retreat with Rama will be floating throughout the year.


New project "Modernization of the Site".

For further development of our site, we ask you to take part in the new project of the Oasis of Awakening "Modernization of the site".

It is important to us to receive from you feedback in the form of remarks to work of the site, the description of difficulties which you experience, offers on change of design and information filling of the site.


Second Game travel. Registration on the site.

The second Game Travel will take place in a form 15 of a day retrit: "Secret of Great transition" Players the first stages of selections, acquisition of air tickets corresponding to criteria of participation in this retrit and passed, have to be registered on the site in action the Second Game Travel with Rama to start the subsequent stages of selections.

The main part of a retrit will pass on the island of a volcanic origin, Cheju which was once independent country under Tkhamn's name. For surprisingly beautiful and unique nature, the island it was defined by UNESCO as the world natural heritage. And Koreans consider this island the PEARL of KOREA.

In this place, in one of Temples of the island, the Consciousness, prepared all conditions, for contact by players with "Secret of Great transition".

Great transition of the master is carried out at the end of life when there comes time to leave this world, and only units from them pass it, remaining in this world.


Registration for the retreat

Retreats "Dive into yourself" will be held in the city of Nakhodka in the center of individual retreats). Participants who have submitted an application to participate in the retreat were able to choose the date and retreat leader. The later application is made accordingly ruled choice of dates and master. Check in at the retreats will be carried out on Fridays to 18.00, Saturday the main day of the retreat and departure on Sunday after 9.00. Conduct a retreat group will transfer players, past personal retreat with Rama "The experience of Samadhi": Swan, silence, Hikari universe.


The retreat will be held in the mode trip.

The upcoming retreat "Concept and Reality" will take place in the mode of the trip. Trip translated to English means - trip journey. At the retreat we will dive into the subject of illusions, tricks of consciousness, the main of which is the Maia!


The program of the retreat: Concept and Reality 10,11,12,13 April.

Analysis of the Buddha discovered that reality - it does not exist, people do not "me." And another famous sage Lao Tzu: said that everything is emptiness! ... So as a form, we really are just emptiness? What is emptiness? It's nothing!


10,11,12,13 April. Vladivostok.

Registration begins to retreat from March 7 to April 7, inclusive, and will include the screening stage, which simultaneously will be the preparation for participation in the retreat. As usual, the retreat will take place in a manner that will provide players of all levels the field for the internal work.


The project "Publisher"

All the happiness in the world comes from a desire for the happiness of others. All the suffering in the world comes from a desire of happiness for themselves. This project is part of the way and often practiced players (equivalent to a daily practice of meditation). It is important to understand that the service is always very important to perform from the heart and from the internal readiness and desire.


ANNOUNCEMENT: Website Oasis Awakening INVITES!

Well, now, let's thank the team working on the creation of sites in the face: the Wanderer, Joke, Ohm, Volcano. They have shown in this project (drawing) - selfless service and were able to overcome internal difficulties that arose in front of them, because the ministry sometimes required maximize both time responsiveness, so the physical and mental effort. But all members of the team were able to overcome difficulties and serve as the other players, this service receive Services Website. Funding for the project "Site Oasis Awakening" was carried out from the Oasis Foundation Awakening.


New Project Oasis Awakening:

The project "Publisher" (Publisher) will be the fourth major project Oasis Awakening and will be linked to the issue of awakening knig.STARTUET after the Remote Third Winter GAMES, March 1, 2015.


Registration for the second game of the trip will last!

Registration for the second game of the trip will last! Consciousness allows us to give an opportunity to participate in this draw power even two of the players. (Prerequisite: OPEN MISSION OF THE SOUL) flights VVO - Seoul from -21 000 rubles for the action of 14089 rubles. Seoul -JeJu (Island) - from $ 70 to $ 300) for the shares of $ 59.60