Events "Oasis of Awakening" for 2019


Announcement: Сonsultations with Rama.

In 2017, Skype-in ​​retreats with Rama will participate Academy students Leela formless levels and the level of missionary **.
Players who are able to confirm these game levels, have reached a stage of the game, when the ego thins and becomes increasingly elusive. Protection are also veteevatymi and thin, to elude the player attention.
At the same time, the existential fears are exposed to the limit, but in turn, do not show gross sensations or scandalous events and honking about themselves only through subtle signs.
Playing the formless level, involves the student ready for complete surrender.
With the help of individual counseling Rama, players will receive instructions as closely as possible the way out of the blind spots of traps and go to the threshold of complete surrender, the most direct way.
All these subtle aspects of ego invisible to the players of the same level. For example, consulting each other, the formless level players can not see this level of blind spots, while a top-level player sees them obvious.
This is a known pattern in a game that saw soldiers hunting blind spots Jabneh, than hunters, missionaries see the blind spots of soldiers better than the soldiers themselves, shapeless players see blind spots clearer than all the previous levels.
On this principle is based the whole advisory Leela form of training students of the Academy. For example, "Open Heart", also conducting consultations players consist mainly of the formless level players and missionaries **, which is why they can advise missionaries, soldiers, hunters and seekers because they have the ability to see the play of Consciousness widened.
This retreat skype-Rama - an optional remote for the games, workshops, retreats, study mode, for formless level players (missionary **).
Registration on a retreat open. Dates skype-retreat with Rama will be floating throughout the year.


The miracles of transformation. Issue 4. "Oh, life is so beautiful!"

All nature, all people, all living and nonliving still is pure consciousness; It is recognized and is covered in this way. What is - as it is! What luck! And since you are no longer responsible for any cause and effect, it allows you to enjoy the thrill of the fact that there is - it is!


2015 - Updated levels of active players.

Regular practice is the continuous practice for your daily lives of at least morning and evening. Already from the Finder level, all the players, it is important to realize that they are studying the practice of meditation, not on time, not for a period of retreat, and it is important to know that after the training, the practice must be built into life forever! That is, once the practice you will go to continuous meditation or presence.


Завершена регистрация на Вторые Игровые Путешествия.

In a remarkably beautiful and unique nature of the island it has been defined by UNESCO as World Heritage sites. It is in this place, in one of the temples of the island, Consciousness, has prepared all the conditions for the contact with the players, "The Secret of great transition."



According to the game symbols for the Remote Sensing of the Games, called the Cosmic Dancer Shiva, and his mission is realized in the course of the dance: fulfilling his God destroys the universe all the old and at the same time opens up a new cycle of life. So, right now in your life, all the old leaves, opening the way for the new.


Website Oasis Awakening Issue 5.

.. My friend, in the end, what you are doing, do not you still need people. It is necessary only to you and to God. The project to create a site Oasis Awakening, as a place that would serve as the home of the players in the Internet space, began its development about a year ago, in Tiruvannamalai, India, where


Registration for the SECOND Game Travel.

The second Game Travel there will pass in a form 15 of a day retrit "The secret of Great transition".

Great transition of the master is carried out at the end of life when there comes time to leave this world, and only units from them pass it, remaining in this world. The acting players of Leela Academy of level can take part in this retrit: the missionary and the shapeless player (it is possible as "exception to the rules" and soldiers).



Most of the people enduring spiritual crisis after all should plunge into dark areas and to pass through them before they it is reached a condition of freedom, light and a pacification. For some people who are in process of AWAKENING — both in its drama, and in softer forms — the task to live one more day, a task to keep opportunity to work usually can become a serious call.