Diary of the Remote Third Winter Games. Issue 7.

Tuesday 03 February, 2015

Sometimes you need

take a step back,

  to new attack

  was successful

Remote game takes place in the reality of your life with all its joys and sorrows within (50 to 90) days. During this time, a lot going on, sometimes life is very cool time to change or not, but with remote play - the change always happens consciously.

Remote play is a tool for turning your life into a genuine spiritual practice.

Genuine spiritual practice - it is not something that we do twenty minutes, two hours or six hours a day. It's not something that we do in the morning, or on Sundays.

Spiritual practice - this is not one of the many types of human activity; it is the basis of all these activities, their source and the criterion for their evaluation.

This appeal to the Beyond Truth resides, inhale, comprehended and practiced for twenty-four hours a day.

This is the way the player who first opens and approves a hunter, then a soldier, then a missionary, formless player and comes up to the top of the game: Observer.

Of course, the Remote party's third Winter Games are just learning, but gradually with the full impact the way - their lives will be transformed: caterpillars are beginning to sprout wings. These things have to crawl - begin to fly.

In the seventh game, all participants receive the right to voluntary, to exercise self-assessment of your game at will.

But now how the participants played the seventh game.


Keep looking, do not give power of concepts, thoughts came, I told them not veryu- spots, stains and is easy to miss. Thoughts - clouds float on. Thoughts unreal, but actually something that I felt a feeling of live. Through senses weakness worried (and here the concept of ugliness to the weakness of the uselessness, the belief in the ugliness). I do not believe, continue to observe; the body is still, the person on the spot, the spot ((spot is unrealistic). Pass the feeling there is no resistance. Let it be as it is. I watch standing at the mirror (I go into a state of meditation, here and now. Breath. nothing). State of mind. Adoption . Gone assessment, anxiety, the mind rests (pretends he is now no faith, he quieted).


Son sing a song, I shake the crib. I focus on the voice. There is a self vibration. Hands also themselves produce movement. I move away from the image of himself -vizhu how everything works itself. The reality is unfolding since. I clearly saw there was no involvement, was an act of self-other. I even wanted to pull the thin voice, but he was pulled (from the efforts and desires too much sense not), he is there. It was in meditation at this time.


 I notice that I refer the reports before the proposed deadline. What causes this? Temp. I can not but note that only sending one report, proceed to the next, even without getting the next game. FAST, with no gaps, no days intended to send. Of course, I see it. But you notice that drives me to this approach is? It is interesting to find out. The first thing you keep track: I want to quickly (in my life is the tendency). Something lies there: quick to say, multiply quickly and rapidly think not blunt, do not slow down. Hence the rush, tardiness and failure to slow or delay rejection slow on the uptake, long and boring speakers (in this case boring - this designation is too long, that the concept is both tedious). FASTER. Where and who are in a hurry? Sleeping. Forgotten. I identify. I Believe.


Now, not believing these thoughts - let go of the situation. Soluble understanding of fear (originated - has disappeared). I do not cling to the thought. From a sense still protected? What happens if I do not send it in time? Again, I'm not free, and I believe in rejection. Well, once there was this feeling - accept (this concept designates as rejected), and feels it's just a feeling, a feeling in the body - it is a state and you need to live. Now there's no hurry. From this state of mind, dare to take the time (in the absolute I have nowhere to hurry up), do not rush to describe what is happening. I allow myself to write what is now, dare to leave everything out how it happened at this time. Without hesitation. Without haste (I watched it). As there are, and that's fine. It's in my mind that the report in five days MUST be in terms of more, more drawings described, my thoughts. With serenity, accepting the feelings that occur in reality - living, releasing. Now I live the blessed moment when crazy - it will be quiet.


Involved in the game, we identify with the image of a capricious child, he wants everything to be how he wants, but it is impossible. I realized that this is a game, watching those who are naughty and offended. I understood that it was not a serious offense and unimportant and unnecessary, and no one to be offended all just happened.


I am tied to the home, the place where I can relax and be yourself. So wear the mask hard and really want them to relax, relieve them. And if "home" within the state "to be a" means to live in relaxed comfort, understanding, self-acceptance and all (I assume their loved ones, even if the fight, even if they do not like I want to, and they told me) and all. The feeling that everything is exactly as it should be and all such what should be and it's not important, it's simple and you can have something change, if you want. And if the state and the feeling of home to move to the world? Then we can live at home, be yourself. Then there is fear there is trust, acceptance of things as some have, warmth and love.


The conversation has changed, a moment ago I felt rejection, now I see A. to love, while I feel the power and the fear was replaced by Playfulness .Kodeks 12: Do not become discouraged in the defeat and not fascinated success.


I realize that the symptoms of the common cold is not at all, I was the first time without drugs and all experienced drops of cold, without fear of death, not even felt the fear of deterioration (if not the conviction to be treated, the condition will worsen, there will be complications and painful death).

Configured to recover without medication, and it is only now realized that the unpleasant symptoms disappeared .Chuvstva joy emotion understanding, experiencing interest in the disease process how long it will suffer the symptoms but forgetting everything went .Now joy and desire to live, a surge of strength in his chest and head with ease .


I wanted to slap her, through the power of stopping their actions, I see his aggression expressing her dissatisfaction paused .Osoznav me it clings with whom I identify themselves? With a bad girl? Transfer B. Yes, my control and significance. What is the resistance of the powerful. Let be the fact that there is, I repeat myself: It's not as much as you think - this is only the mind that says you can not do. The game continues fall, get up go further. :) Any experience is very important to learn how to track down.



Depression, resentment and tears of pain in his chest in the form of pressure, the pressure in rasteryannost.Perevodya form it gray, p. 5 cm, the intensity of the pressure of 3 points out of 10, is soft, but the edges of dense, unpleasant, pulsating.

Transform shape, I started to breath, exhaling I felt that this form is reduced. As a result of meditation, the pain went to 0 points, the density of the edges dissolved, feel the transformation of the object turned out, pleasant all tela.Rasseyannosti not, mindfulness and serenity


Meeting with his father: a sense of acceptance, the emotion of tranquility, offer to buy bread, he agrees. Thoughts: enough money does not ask? And then he asks for 10 rubles (previously resisted did not give money, knowing that alcohol). Now I realize that I have to change it can not. I gave him the last 50 p .It was so happy and kept saying that he was at all enough.

How little he needed for his 50 r money, he walks down the street asks him to give a cigarette, is very easy to live, no money will ask, will receive a pension propet.Obnyav him I felt him warm. Simple enough and it only embraces, I can share it with him to his mother ponimaet.A no such heat as nemu.Otozhdestvivshis with my daughter, I stood and compared his attitude to his father and mother .But remember who I smiled and poshla.Osoznav that I can not ask, and I take everything seriously - that's what I Consciousness revealed through this character :)

Having come to work and I came to order the boy to the bar kapilku put 100 rubles, I thanked him and I remembered my father gave him the money without malice, thinking on alcohol, and let us love, and understanding that this is his vybor.Osoznavaya that everything comes back, I went to tears, a sense of understanding and emotion of joy.


In the process, I tracked down the fear of loneliness. I transformed their beliefs and perceptions to this situation, and in the course of meditation, I came to realize that I did not allow myself to be happy when I forgot to laugh. I began to change its state of sadness to joy. I went to a stream of joy, I saw, I identify with his character, clocked such terrible colors. Just the feeling of lightness in the body, the shoulders of violence, the desire to live, back pain is gone. The emotion of joy, gratitude and confidence. It was a gift, the power !!!


At work ended up in a dysfunctional family, where four adults and a child. Three men and one young woman, all drunk, aggressive. Track my fear of death, it was scary to be there as drunken men were very aggressive and even tried to provoke a fight. The body - legs in boiling water and cotton, the heat on the back, chest presses, the hands sweat. I tuned in to the heart of love for these people. Slowly and quietly spoken, then softened their condition.


You have to write a report, I save for later. Initially all written in a notebook handy to take with you everywhere. Well, and then I was too lazy to rewrite. It tracks the resistance, but accepted it and lived.


They sang a song together with her daughter about the creator of the soul rejoiced, his chest bursting, the feeling of flying.


I feel the presence of a native, but inside there is a different experience, but the rally is to trust what is going on and enjoy life.


Today, the main theme of the day was the awareness that around only a reflection of me. All my good and bad sides around me reflected in the people and events, and only depends on me how I can change the quality of your life. I can continue to live under the trends, amplify your negative thoughts in their faith and build protection against the consequences of this belief. So live not so, all the light is quickly forgotten and only the aftertaste of a free life, immediately return the state of freedom and confidence is not possible. I can start to work with it to keep track of ideas that lands me and dragged into an endless stream, they eclipse, and oppresses the spirit that begins to wake up and everything is repeated again. Everything reflects me, my parents with their concerns - not so difficult really to communicate with them and play a few trends that are constantly repeated, these trends are the same as mine - control slightly negative intellect and sacrifice. Especially if you have time to razotozhdestvlyatsya at this time, these drawings are needed only to me and no one else. However, the parents give me the will, independence and non-attachment to material freedom. All interchangeably.


I choose how I respond to the events that happen to me, I can not answer the same reaction, thereby confirming that I am the same, and no better, and I can take it and respond as I would want. Can do good deeds, to be genuinely friendly, it's an excuse to maintain a constant behavior is, to wear a mask. All reactions are drawn now from the past, it is my reflection on my actions and how it is written in the book Sri Bagavat to appease these fluctuations, we should just give them a pass.


My work is a part of me, I can not just go and abandon it, to live in an apartment and do nothing, I live in society and to be in the stream I need to play a role, I was lucky with my role, so you need to play it with skill and enthusiasm. I felt that when I gave up in their work intending to only spiritual path, I found myself in a certain jelly without hope and understanding what to do next, life has become faded, so why do it when you can enjoy it, plunging into what is given birth, nature and beauty. Certainly this stop allowed to see my work and rush for work, material benefits and experience of meaninglessness. But now the work begins to come myself and no longer requires the effort to find it, there were forces in the conscious transformation.


Over dinner, I apologize to my mother, remember that it is my main mirror.


There was a big joke now lull me into this lull you need to gain strength before the next draw, I do not need something to fill the time, or to seek new challenges. Drawings sypyatsya arbitrarily and while they do not exist yet, it's time for solitude, to dive into yourself to tune into the present moment, it is a gift of life, is rest. Time for yourself before the next draw, which may come at any moment.


I feel that the contacts have been established with the children. I like to communicate with them, there is warmth and love.


Girls begin to rave about. Included is an observer: - * Why be nervous, because you were willing to advance for such a development? * I catch myself on the fact that there is no desire to participate in this game. Bored, the same actors and the same reaction. After waiting 20 minutes, saying that my guests go home.

*** It's not fair! He was not sick! Why God takes good people? Quietly weeping, I went into another room. Frankly, I'm confused, so unexpectedly. And his whole being felt all his pain and suffering. Few took himself in hand went to him and embraced him, saying: So, it's time to leave him. Once upon a time, and my time will come and Dad. Death is as natural as birth, everything is born and dies: and the flowers and trees, animals and people. A little calmer, said he still does not believe tomorrow will go to the market and demand more from someone nibud.Ostavila him to be alone.


Now I took the moment, accept the reality. At the heart quietly. A stacked bed, she resists, I remain calm and hug her and say I love her. I fall asleep with her daughter.


Feeling that appears during practice - it impotence, weakness. As a kid, I decided that my appearance in the world - unfairly, perhaps by accident. Be just - wrong, life must be earned. All the weak creatures can not live in a dangerous world, they die. To Live and to prove (especially his father probably) that I have a decent life - must be strong. Since childhood, I did not accept weakness. First of all - the physical. So sport became my priority task. I

The body was a tool. If there is fear, then using the body fear I passed. No body is allowed to rest it was not.

*** All my hyperactivity - is the fear show (take) their weakness, fear of being rejected.

The body can not withstand such loads. It began to change:

1 is displaced vertebra handroz - pain when straightening the back. Under the weight that I am, the body bends.

2. Lowered the kidney. Kidneys in the body 2. They are like the scales - balance. I can not give anyone a part of the work, someone else can make it worse than me, someone else might think that I do not. Balance is no more. One kidney is lowered.

3. Weight Loss. I admit that I can be weak. The body itself shows it to me. The thinner I get, the more I start to feel his helplessness, his weakness. I feel it is forced.


I got in the hospital. In another stop my activity was not.


I noticed that slowly, but the adoption is - I almost ceased to be irritated and angry when a child does not want to sleep or waking up often during the night. Increasingly I kiss her in these moments and I say that I love. Right at the very heart in the warm and comfortable becomes. I rejoice)


Game rating. First of all, she needed me the most. Reports and evaluation to help you analyze the game, the analysis helps even more to see. And when the report was written, the count jokes and put the estimate is not so difficult. It stimulates play.


I focus on the moment now and look at the trees standing near the house. There was a sense that they are alive, and I'm in the woods. What a world of trees and for a moment I found myself in this world. It's like a fairytale...


Two days worked grandchildren (parents make repairs). It is a feat for me. In the past two to three hours I am very tired of them. Most recently I realized that it was because of the resistance. Resistance removed, fatigue is gone, but something else was wrong - the mood of the port. It turns out that I was living in the future, constantly thinking that I need to do so-and-so. Let go of all these thoughts, tried to be in the present - is so cool! Even the daughter was surprised: "You so calm, and you deal with them as well as I!"


The sense of humiliation. Unconscious gives remembrance: School 5th grade, gym class, high jump, before I jump a certain height, and then there is no - fear. Master's words: "What are you jumping like a sack of shit", stupor, humiliation, solitude. I reside. Jump high in my life I never learned. It's just there and it's neither good nor bad. I identify with the character 5 klassnitsa, I'm not that character, I have the time now, rest. Summer morning, the smell of pine trees.

*** "I merged you why," I am a traitor, loneliness. I vybeshivaet his stupidity, he behaves like a woman wants to jump tricks, ie I do not accept myself sly, goofy when I behave like a man, I commend the people itself, loneliness, live. I identified with the honesty of the character, I did not figure I Now moment.


Unconscious gives an event from the past, when my parents got divorced, I went to meet with the pope and the house mother suit questioning who said what, I'm told, and in those places where my story did not like her mother, she said: "I had to say ..." rejection, fear of being free. My shift, how many times this transfer, did not allow me to speak freely, that would not be rejected. I reside. We identify with the character of the girl, I'm not the girl who, according to my mother, saying the wrong thing, and not so. I do everything right, and a letter written correctly. The result is another matter. I am in support of peace and summer, the smell of pine trees.


I ask the question, who suffers? The body is tense - suffering, the soul suffers from feelings of humiliation and loneliness, the spirit is watching and smiling. I identify with "you can not do." You can all, I'm the one watching and smiling at his game, I'm Consciousness. I ask that prevents me from thee always be responsible - husks of ideas, beliefs and self-acceptance. Just accept yourself in all forms. In support of the smell of the sea.


The fact that with great difficulty and after writing a report - also shows the strength of resistance in this game. Perhaps because it touched the ground.


I also like to just live right now! I leave the house and just going to work! If I have time to plan what-good! Do not have time, too good! So it should be: as planned the universe - God! Then something else will! When this feeling - this is to be in the spirit! I almost stopped swearing! If something pops up it hurts my ears, and I just keep track of the reason for the fear that protect)))


All Will Consciousness and it happens when you're there!

In that game after consciousness has sent the name, release stagnant energy, it happened suddenly, I -karlik usually expect this happen naturally and easily, without any effort. The assemblage point shifted from the usual conditions and is now continuing the transformation of experience. What a game of Consciousness, admits that consciousness is opposed in the game, and the rally gave a gift and a new ForceFlow!


Born again, it is very difficult and very painful process.

All my habits have become irrelevant, lined behaviors and response meaningless.

I truly became a baby. Naked and defenseless. Wounds to the blood indiscriminately. I often see how the body is identified. Even in the last game of the sick every effort ...


On all sides the constant provocations, it seems to me that I did not react, but suddenly overwhelmed by a terrible insult and then realize that all this time I reacted and did not give in this report. Then it becomes ridiculous but it's not for a long time and is repeated all around.


Consciousness is with great love again and again puts me in this painful mess. But I still hack !!! I saw the sign !! Although near the end of gameness but the game is to reach out to me and I realized that I needed to do. I need to be free to feel freedom, to stop being afraid and adjust. Stop and try to develop new forms of behavior.

Stop "to engage in the necessary and correct" things "to comply" and not to disappoint her husband. And just to live !!!!!!! And the funny thing is that it was written at the beginning of the game, but I've read and seen is not descended into a mess of pain and suffering.


In the queue to the cashier at the store in front of me a man long folded products, then I collected the change. I fell into anger, forgot about everything. I came out of the shop and on the way home passing car splashed mud at me from head to toe. A very effective method for the reduction to osoznannosti.Srazu remembered what is real and what is not.


From uncomfortable position I had a sharp pain in the sternum, I can not stand nor lie down, sit, stand, I began to make different twist, spontaneous yoga, breathing .. nothing worked, then I laughed and said, all will sleep .. just lie down and do nothing .. and voila, all released, miracles and only ...


The late (in the evening) call to work took me by surprise. Aware of feelings of guilt, if I refused. The ego does not want wish to luxuriate in bed. The consciousness of my character checks for lice and flowed thought, I despise myself - I am not worthy ... do not give these thoughts running, back to the time now, an interest - I'll go and see what I can to help. Ha ha! Easy jumped up, got dressed and on this wave flew to work.


There are currently residing experience of abandonment, injustice, loneliness. The pain subsided. Currently filled with understanding and peace. Consciousness does not give bored! Well have fun !!!


 P. became bad to see her eyes, she had an operation to remove the lens. In my words, that after such an operation to be home a month - so all go through it - P. did not react. The next day after the operation P. came to the office. What the doctors said to be at home is not recognized. In the next room there is a repair, the dust on the corridor, but the AP was the check as I folded the property from the audience, make comments, look for booths. Stand next - does not see. P. face pale eyes with red veins. AP - this is my shadow - a blind spot. Everything must be controlled. It must be just so and not otherwise. Takes responsibility for others. That is poking his nose everywhere! Even when common sense says - it is necessary to temporarily take care of oneself, to stop, not to cling. Release. Surrender. Consciousness by P. shows how I sometimes dismissive attitude to the body, it is unreasonable, to the detriment of some fears, tendencies. Quietly watching as the whole dissatisfied P. ushla.Iz drawing behavior P. aware of where I do not agree with the reality that the body is transient, that the life of the body is limited, it is temporary. Do not get attached to anything - the body, people, work, wealth. The drawing is given for the memories Who Ya


At six o'clock in the output alarm on the phone woke her husband. First, the bad thoughts to tell him that turns off the alarm at the weekend then I remembered that this event does not come from man but from the mind games it just had to happen and it happened. And the same thoughts have changed color with unkind to the ridiculous)))).


Today at work a few times to notice the trend is just beginning to gain momentum and comes to vision and everything just happens. For example, I notice the rush during operation, the tension in the shoulders and there is the awareness that there is no place to hurry up everything just happens


It is true that everyone should enjoy the same as me?

No, but they have to keep quiet about it out of politeness and respect? Here it is the conviction "to keep quiet, if you do not like out of politeness to pretend that respect? This is exactly? And what does the reality?

 People behave differently ...

 How do I react when I believe that everyone should respect and love me, or at least to show the form?

 I feel resentment and condemnation of, and desire for revenge. The body is tense. Thoughts Runaround hurtful and difficult to do what you want, because it is a distraction for the protection and defense.

How would you have behaved and I felt if I did not believe in the fact that all have to respect me?

It is easy and free. I would deal with what I do not paying heed to the reaction of others.

The new belief.

 When I see disrespect to my tastes or act, I understand that in these manifestations of consciousness plays with me. And all just happens. It had to happen, and it happened ...


Before entering the store I see an old lady, I collect milostnyu. Usually I calmly pass by "professional" beggars. But here it was hooked. It is not like those who are constantly begging. Frozen, face flushed in the cold, quite neatly dressed, moved with difficulty. On my rolls very strong feeling of pity, almost to tears. Hard switch, ask yourself who you're sorry. Yes, I wish first of all himself, afraid of becoming so - the weak, helpless, helpless. Consciousness in the image of this old lady shows what can be wrong. Soul Consciousness resembles its mission - to reside weakness and fear of death. I like it hard. When leaving the store, I see that it is already out, catch up, give her some change and run away quickly. Yes It operates more than their pity, but some awareness too.


I caught myself on the fact that trying to explain the way in which I go to self-development, why? ego argues and resists proving that my way rather better. It is not true and not better, it just is, as has its way, it was her choice, and when the great ways to many, but is there any way? Ha ha! It is now my supervisor involved


Many friends now say that I withdrew, and I feel more free than ever before!


Every day comes to me of particular buyer: homeless, disabled, saliva that flow mixing with the little things that he tries to count, plus the "magic" the smell of urine and feces, in general, the whole bunch))) The first few days I was sick, disgust, my Voepel: Give him this pack, let fails!

But my inner wise observer says: Accepted! And in obedience to the observer, watching their feelings, their reactions, their thoughts, he said to me: it's just the smell, it's just drooling and what is that ?, aversion have nausea? Today was the fifth day, the nausea has passed, visibly disgusted

I became less, my supervisor was smiling when standing far behind him the woman asked: how do you maintain it ??? )))


I felt calm. In my game name I feel the power. Always distributed for themselves their own affairs in importance. Now, that would not be under the ruins of their cases, for me the first thing - is to play.


I stopped worrying about his anxiety.


Call a business phone, pick up the phone. From handset to hear the nervous tears the voice of his eldest son: "Mom I'm with the police. My fault in intensive care people I thought I climb into his pocket and got into a fight in a store "(somewhere a monologue) and he handed the phone to the inspector; from which I learned that the man in the fall he hit his head and doctors prescribe craniotomy, and so to the local people do not, then you need to pay for an operation allegedly What he (the son) reached an agreement with them that will pay for everything - not to get criminal case. The cost of operations 40,000 rubles Can I raise this amount? Or deposit right now?

To track from the beginning as the heat engulfed the whole body as soon as she heard the voice of her son. A lump in the throat. Hands shaking .. Automatically write the amount on the paper. I climb purse. I believe money and investigators say how much I can give right now.

At the same time, in my head: And here is the joke! You need this situation! And your son, too, need the experience (he is really very excitable and unscrupulous behavior)

 SPIRIT keeps saying: do you want this situation! You need this situation, it was a joke !!! - ALL GOOD !!! If someone dies in the reanimatsii- then so it is! Track and the fear of losing money, there is not a pity; and fear for syna- he needs this experience; The head throbs: game game game !!!

Question from the investigator: dictate your phone number Stop Stop Stop SPIRIT fully over me! Now the initiative in my hands: And that son can not dictate? - Asked the investigator, "You know what he is now in a state of '' replied.

 All this is worrying me, and I say it out loud ...

Iiiii "Fuck you NAAAAA" and hangs up

Ha ha ha ... I'm calling his son he is certainly at work))))))))

Powerful Game! The heart is filled with love! I loved the whole world at this moment! And even those who so boldly tried to separate me!


Why, when I cry, I start to grumble and control, I feel a strong sense of guilt, the shadow erupts. I do not want to be like my mother. Displaces itself strict, rigid, demanding.


And here is a challenge to draw!

I do not notice, claim to her husband: what right have come to the privateers? Forbidden! Penalty! The airport is not empty! Her husband cried, saying, travel, ... Cossacks, Ukraine, direct orders! And here you have no right!

Punishment. How I loved him. And I know. And I accept. Consciousness plays, checking, I learned and worked the theme of "punishment"! This type of exam. No fear. I feel confident as a straight A to ekzamenom.Kazaki summoned to the aid of the police, a representative of the law.

My way: I met uncle and police, has promised to tell the truth. Do not break the law, to obey in everything. To be honest, that we podvёz neighbor Boris name, was rescued, but it would be too late ... He knows his father, he lives on such an address. You can check. Money was given fuel for the return trip, there was no time to refuel. Well, enough to get ...

- Yes. Verify -only and could not answer surprised guy in uniform. - We are talking to combat illegal taxi drivers. Bon Voyage. I dare not delay!

We rushed into the airport. Her husband was speechless with surprise, as well as those who have held.


Planting was difficult: the plane was shaking and demolition of the line planting. Engines rattled and hissed, straining ... conscious of the importance of the present moment and based on the Code of the Warrior, Death asked: "Everything was my minute? I'm ready". But the death said, touching my time has not yet come! ... And it spokoystvie.Zhizn continues. I have not got all the experience kot.mne need in this life!


I feel the emergence of playfulness, instead of being angry and raise your voice ... It's a game, a joke, and we, the characters play a role. In this illusion ...

We laughed together, so comical I play this scene. I laughed to tears. And the thought came to where the keys hidden away. All there was, and the mood got better!


Just how consistently play players say the points accumulated by the end of game.

Beginning in the seventh game, players can rate his performance as desired.

Thus, the players playing at the level of the formless player really had to have difficulty evaluation because someone makes an effort in the game?

But the players might just need experience bezotsenochnoe game.

Interestingly, the vast majority of players do not do the practice regularly, stopped to evaluate your game :)

But some players continues to use the self-esteem, as a kind of monitoring of their game,

What do the points, which players gain by the end of the game in the game?

Accumulated points can be used only if the player has shown discipline and high performance. Such self-esteem allows you to see your strengths and weaknesses.

At the end of each game, you have to admit that is weak, if you can not make a regular practice (and not illusions passes through justification). Well, see what your level of personal power to add, if you can do the practice regularly.

Remember the players how much effort you give the game is directly proportional to your back and as gifts and powers :)

But the same Notice the rhythm of the game, after a period of ups followed by downs, as well as after periods of inertia should be time activity.

So, in this game the most stable game show:

Flower 23 points - 80% of the return game

Will 21 points - 95% of the return game

Volcano 20 points - 90% of the return game

Isis 18 ballov- 80% return game

ARTICLE IS STATUS game passed.


About the way ...

  Sometimes it takes many years of experience and mistakes and disappointments, but in the end done for each of us somehow finds its way and followed his path.




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