Announcement of the new sixth book:

Tuesday 15 September, 2015

Players continue their service in the Publisher, and the project at the moment, is preparing to publish four more books, the first two of these are already in the publishing process, and are expected to leave the press in late October 2015.

Abstract of the book "The Game of Life draws"

In the sixth book of the series, and Rama Leela Leela Academy players accompany you into another world, where we are beginning to come into contact with the understanding that life - is a game of Consciousness

This book is written and published by the players on the basis of Diary Third Winter 2014-2015 year, the Remote game.

Academy Players Leela reveal opportunities VISION Games Consciousness draws on real examples of their daily lives, showing that we are here to explore the most profound and important aspects of life, but playing.

Wink the game, learn the source of her - this is the true nature of self-recognition.

The developing game does not seek liberation, does not aspire to become Divine, the Absolute - he has it is.

                                                                                                 Back cover.

Rama, having received the blessing of their spiritual mentor, accepted the role of a spiritual teacher and a guide to knowledge for sincere seekers.

Oasis Academy Awakening and Leela are the places where you can meet with Rama

Leela Academy is a place of experience of enlightenment as a form of continuous development and play of Consciousness.

The Academy Leela information is given through training, for those who chose the path of the game, accompanied by Rama Leela.

 In the absolute sense, nothing is ever born, not created, not destroyed. The manifestation of the visible universe in relative peace has an illusory act of the dual mind. Visible energy of the universe appear gratuitously.

The visible universe is a play of the Absolute, it is unmotivated, spontaneous play demonstration.

As the Enlightenment and Nirvana and samsara-clouding of the nature of the Absolute Mind. They are a manifestation of its incomprehensibility and the shape of his game.

Leela - that exceeds the purity of Nirvana and limitations of samsara, it is pure Consciousness is the Source of all duality.

Such is the greatness of the game Path of Consciousness.

Leela can be transferred to another only through the master teacher - Aboriginal space of consciousness, the carrier of Leela.



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