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Friday 27 February, 2015

 To register for the event you need to press the main menu Event Calendar submenu.

 Then you can see the whole calendar year (top - down) and select the desired event. For example, in April "Workshop Retreat: Concept and Reality Part 1" and click on the word 'register'

Check the information on the screen and click on the Send button. A letter will be sent automatically and you will receive an answer by e-mail. mail. 


 To subscribe to the newsletter (which means that you will receive an e-mail. Mail information about all the news on the website) select the News section in the main menu.

 Then go down to the bottom of the page, the basement, and click on the "Subscribe" button.

 Congratulations, you are subscribed to the newsletter!

 Now you will receive news from the site by e-mail. mail.



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