Diary of the Remote Third Winter Games. 11. Issue (Part 1)

Tuesday 03 March, 2015

Change is the only thing that is guaranteed to be constant.

Providing a physical body, we are faced with two incontrovertible things:

constant change and final death. What is the role played by the constant change in the Lille, which we call life on Earth?

 If we keep in mind that the source is in the insatiable search for limitations in contrast to its infinite expansion alone, the change begins to make sense.

 Inside the human block our nature is amazingly resilient and cheerful; People can quickly set your mind in any accident in which he was not. What yesterday was terrible, so-so today, tomorrow and all will be normal. The same applies to all happy occasions, falls to his share. They too quickly becomes routine and lose their original appeal and delight.

So, guided by his infinite wisdom, Source gives us a context of constant unpredictability to keep us within the constraints and reduce the (otherwise) mad with boredom and monotony of events in life. He's having an "eternal buzz" alone can not provide the same eternal tension here, in his antithesis - because he does it all the same to himself. There is infinite and here too. We all want certainty and reliability; that things were in their places, - otherwise we might be misled that we are the masters here?

When everything is constantly changing, we need to be constantly on the alert,

"Stay awake."

Now and quantum physics says that without a permanent change in the universe collapses.

Have you noticed how many people resist and fear change - our status quo? With the first hint of change we experience stress - the essence


But in the end we adapt to new conditions; We relax and begin to feel comfortable and then again everything is changing, and we are again knocked out of the saddle.

Player in all the changes - sees the hand of the Source.

 This is just another chance to say "Namaste" Lila infinite existence.

On how the players played the final game of the third Winter Games for the Remote Sensing in which they summed subtotals of the game, read this roundup diary.


Knowledge of "Who am I" I have been a long time, but it was shown in meditation, in rare flashes of awakening and understanding. This game, and most importantly, a practical guide frames, allowing the experience lived through the merger with the reality to be able to distinguish between reality and concepts in everyday life. I know that self-consciousness, and my goal is to see how I identify with the characters, his thoughts, feelings, emotions. Even when the identification took place, we can stop and remember who you really are. Twenty years have come down to the way things absolutely simple: I-consciousness, and the whole world around us is an illusion, a dream. Just mind your thoughts, judgments fills the lives of the characters suffering and pain. Psycho-emotional state became calmer, consciously observe your thoughts and tendencies of the mind. The main thing is the try to be here and now, that is, in reality, every minute. The rest are allowed to take, all is well as it is.


In the last draw, yesterday, I was able to cope with their emotions, I do not believe the ego, it completely turned the situation. (My small victory) .Zametila it became easier unconcerned about the opinions of others, different from moego.Stala do exercises in the morning. Before I get up in the morning.

I feel your body as unknown, I realized that it was not under my control. And we have to accept and surrender to the fact that est.Stala see clearly who I am not clearly see his ego and his antics. Emotionally calmer, as well as allow their emotions byt.Slala less blame yourself and people. I became more forgiving yourself. I have rarely appeared apathy and unwillingness to live.

If the case is not the events that I planned or delayed then I do not get depressed, and quietly realized that simply is not the time. Or that it would be different, that might even be better for me, I just do not know about that.

There was a less serious attitude to life, it may to some aspects of it. And its importance.

I became conscious of housework, once considered boring. The relationship with my mother, no longer to "save", let her live her life. Clearly seen, it is not a sacrifice, it just comes up with. I become easier to communicate.


It is a big push in my development was given the first game, the process of self-discipline, meditation, morning and evening. At first everything was unconscious, out of interest, curiosity. But when there were changes in the body, thoughts, feelings, when I was breaking in the truest sense of the word. It was like a meat grinder in the body, exacerbated fears. I began to observe their process, before I did not do, was not paying attention. At some point wanted to quit and give up the game, but with the help of the conductor, comments and support, I realized that it is not a disease, it changes occur in the body in the mind, I wake up, wake up. Began to come the situation that wakes up and thanks to which I accumulate personal power. Began to change beliefs and thoughts. Most thought it helps - everything changes, nothing is permanent, when sadness comes joy, and joy gives way to anger. All emotions have and must accept and live, but do not hang out in each. Life does not stand still! Also, the idea of ​​acceptance, to take life, himself a friend as it is. Have changed and life events, my husband is far away from me, it happened, and I accept it with love and gratitude!

Well, of course there were moments of great resistance Game, not the desire to write, to do the practice, it was. I also fell asleep during the game, was fond of life, work and do not want to track and hunt. Resisted everything. But things change, and status and mood, more importantly to understand why it should be, what to learn and be able to play. I began to keep track of which plays a role of my character throughout the day, these roles are constantly changing. While it is difficult rastozhdestvlyatsya role. So grow and get used to the role and think that I'm so significant, so important. And actually it's not me, so that consciousness plays. I have consciousness. this awareness is there, but still somewhere deep seated and not always realized that everything happens because of consciousness. And you just have to trust, but trust me does not always work. There is a lot of work !!! There are so many fears. And thanks to the game of consciousness, changing the perception of these fears.

Still, thanks to the game, I stopped making plans. If before I had planned thoroughly up every word, which say which way to go. In the game, I saw how it all breaks down in one second, I used to suffer from this now smile on your face and joy from what I see and accept. Thank you very much for the knowledge, skills, technology, per game !!! Thank you for this journey!


I realize that bodily sensations as aid the only way to know is talking about the body (body aches before if it is bad very terrible panic and what to do?). Now I realize that this unit can be transformed and find the cause.

Mental body .Osoznayu that thoughts change in different situations can not always be thought missing, do not believe all the thoughts.

Physical telo.Izmenilos became thinner and lighter on the rise, trying to control the body, but it is not me to manage .For this you need to develop the practice of tracking sensations.

Emotional fon.Izmenilsya based on the situation, the situation turns out to track down the anger and not to show it, as well as failed aware that stuffed ruku.Vina is not so powerfully manifested, because I know that it is only in the mind.

Thank Consciousness of this experience that I got in the game, and the distance is very important that there is a wizard, such subtleties are opened in the course of training and tracking, awareness loves me giving such an experience:) Thank you frame what you are!


I did more and more perceive, recognize its dark side, even though it is for me already so familiar and predictable static, always the same attacks, but the strength in the side lot and who this force supports and gives. This is another moment of awareness. For me, the period DI passed quickly, I was in the process, and now came to the end of winter game (and it passes). Then she'll be. Of course, it's my change, I sat in practice. This change -change all changes. That's just an example of how consciousness in this way helps; day practice in the village, but the village -karlusha right there: can eat again. I see, but opened her eyes, only to open the second, the house lights turned off. I told him; Well all eaten, you see, it is still no light, eat after. By turning off the light of consciousness helps to cope with it and in this way too. It is, I share - on the consciousness, at the dwarf. In fact, there is no two - there is one. And it's one plays with itself (so funny).

The main thing I saw realized. Even more I see that everything is just because of my mind. I have a wonderful husband. Thank you, consciousness, for your love, compassion. At such moments in my heart Love is resurrected.

And another very important change that occurred was during this period in my eyes - my sonny sleep all night, I watch it and I believe in it.


Closer still looms in recognizing who I am. In meditation manage razotozhdestvitsya. Just space, words do not help in circumscribing experience. I'm gone. No one. Me, the one with whom my entire life to associate themselves. Thoughts That's not me. The body is not me. Dwarf (the image) is not me. Disappears someone who I was. But then of course back in it now, and there is a sense of my game (I say yet, because there is no sense in anything), clearly aware and know when and where I am, and only then, if you deign consciousness and gain a foothold in this.

Changes that I otherwise now I look and feel about himself. I saw that thought is a fake, it would not exist. Once I realized that I can choose to believe what thoughts, and what are not. Now I am to them easily, because I can let them go, or not to believe. Sometimes it is seen that they separate themselves from me, and I have no relation to them (now I mean obsessive thoughts or mind is not pleasant, although the thought is just a thought). Literally, in the period of this game I learned this secret. I've heard this before, but there was no understanding. Now, for example, I believe in the idea for the time being in a comfortable thought for me. And I can catch the idea is destroyed and not to believe. Now I have this attitude to himself. It's just a thought - is unrealistic.


For me the remote game continues ... All games in a game focused on the twist and change and that's reluctantly and with difficulty the surrender takes place, it involves all parents and me and my environment and I am grateful that the different way of life turns I was in my same direction. Frankly it is not easy, but the most important thing I do not regret nothing, I want these changes! I am grateful for the invaluable support provided by my consciousness as a teacher and is aimed at further development in this way!


If you just look at my body for the period of the game apparently it has not changed ... But inside there is a lot of work. I have learned it is better to hear, feel. In researching the block of time felt a very strong pain. I studied to take and give up. Feel a thousand different shades of states in meditation, the cry of pain of every cell of the body until completely dissolved, and the ease of flight. Although outwardly, too, something had changed. For many years I observed in one endocrinologist, the last time was six months ago. Now I go - "You have changed" - "How?" - "Well look, but changed spiritually. Once the light is, or what. "


The more I let myself do not control your emotions, the calmer became. Ceased to assess and above all condemn himself. Allowing himself to be such, which have allowed it to others. And the "other" is perceived as a part of yourself is not at the level of "know", and at the level of "feel." Most keep track of what I was just watching how things are going. But my field, I still have to dig and drop! I'm learning to accept not only the senses, but also your body. It turned out to be more difficult for me.

Thoughts become less treats them became calmer. Previously, it was a huge flow of badly managed, which quickly line up the situation, mostly negative. Now is the moment of "now", which quickly calms all. Believe not in thought, but in the wisdom of life. I'm learning to miss thoughts are not included in them. I attach importance to those who come from the awareness of feelings.


I noticed for an interesting thing. I am waiting to see a doctor. Nearby sits an elderly woman trying to put on shoe covers, it is difficult, not impossible. I get up and dress. She even thanked for five minutes with a guilty smile on his face. In the morning I go to work, I see the entrance bag of garbage, is the day before, I take it - still walk past the trash. Etc. I do it as self-evident, things just so. Previously, it would have passed by. I think that is one of the answers to the question "How can I be helpful?".


And the most interesting - KTO Ya Slowly comes the awareness and acceptance of the fact that I am the Spirit, I am part of the consciousness that identified as the body came to experience feelings, emotions, gaining experience in this reality. This greatly changes the perception of the world and it's not easy.


I am sensitive and quick-tempered. If you offend me before, but now I'm offended. I take responsibility for all the events happened to me. For any manifestation of negative emotions and feelings, I try to find fear and to live it. I am learning to be a discovery of life, to be honest in the first place with him. If something happens, I immediately ask myself: why I was in this situation that I made for this or did not do?

I found the reason for his anger and irritation, learned to work with a little hurt and began to see that all the reactions live in my head. I can not think this way and that, spinning emotions and driving themselves into the framework of conventions and beliefs, and I just take them to live and move on. There are no bad or good, anyway, all the experience of consciousness. Through it all consciousness knows itself. Do not interfere, we should play up and play.

I became calmer and began to accept more than resist.


In the game, I realized that to achieve a bright future manifest in the physical world is impossible. Unable to come to perfection and harmony in the external world. Life has a rhythm that replaces the perception of the world of good to bad perception of the world, the event is a good event to the bad, the pleasure of the pain, tears of joy on and so forth. There is no permanence at the manifested reality, everything changes. And as in all good play has a plot, the culmination and denouement. The harmony of the outside world - is fickle, as well as the emotional state. True harmony can only come from within, but with true knowledge, only with complete surrender and acceptance of all such it is.

Who thought - my assistants, they help keep track of fear and protection. Thoughts can send in the right direction -first idea - it is a manifestation of intuition.

At the same time the thought - is chaos and an escape from the present. And before you believe this or that thought and let it happen, you need to check whether to do it and what the consequences might be. Changing me and myself, I thought.


 Who am I?

Once in a dream I have lived my death. It was a strange dream that I can remember in detail. In my dream I was standing next to the great-grandmother, who had died of old age. I stood and looked at her, waiting for this moment. Suddenly I was in her place. Now death was myself. I was seized with an indescribable fear. But to plunge fully into it, I did not have time. Beginning of the transition. The body began to shake, it was a very strong vibration, as it pushes me out of the body. The fear was gone, it's peace and tranquility, it filled all the space, and there were no boundaries. Everything was shining yellow light, I was floating and felt weightless, knowing that I - not the physical body that is left to lie still.

After this dream I no longer afraid of death as ending life itself. I know that life - is infinite. Admittedly this does not prevent me to be afraid of physical pain =)

After this dream, I realized that I - not the body. And the childhood me and then at some moments ejected from him while walking to school along a deserted snowy street, when the sky is still burning stars and everything seemed so unreal that suddenly I found myself in space and saw the entire planet from ; and sometimes, paying attention to the words and pronouncing some names I ceased to understand what it means, and at this moment erases all notions of things around me, I found myself in an infinite fluid space, where there are no names, and nothing else matters .

Over time, different beliefs, nestled on permanent residence in my head shifted children's curiosity and desire to know themselves and the world in the last rows. Fears were growing and were practiced defense mechanisms against them.

Now, thanks to the game I'm going back to him. I'm starting to remember who I Ya - Spirit. I - everything and nothing at the same time. I - Consciousness, I - is life itself.

I know it, I feel it.


Pain and pleasure are close by. It is neither good nor bad, it just is, and it's an experience that creates and perceives itself through consciousness (life itself).

If I identify with the body, mind, thoughts, I will live in fear, dividing the world into good and bad. Now I believe that I am, Spirit, Consciousness. This belief is not yet my true knowledge. But if I by means of its games will constantly remind myself that I - the Spirit that I - and there is consciousness itself, life itself, I can go through their fears, security can come to a true knowledge of who J.


  As patient life, it gives you so many opportunities to recollect himself, start to go to him. And how hard it is to start this way. How much force is necessary to build up to start, to pass it to the end ... I see myself in her reflection. And it only reinforces the intention to continue work on the other, open life and keep your fears. There is no tomorrow, only today, no one, there is only I. And no other way. Only forward.

Life - a great creator. Everything is happening now. Everything is there, everything has already happened. I begin to understand eto.Ya ready to play new stage.

Thank you, Rama, for the support, direction and support in the game!


ARTICLE IS status: Game is passed. Read the continuation of the "Diary of the Remote Third Winter Games. Volume 11 Part 2".

Play it!



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