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Sunday 20 March, 2016

Which would be teaching or path you may follow,

Do not stop until the psychological

conditionality will not stop completely.

Yoga Vasistha.

The outcome of the game of the season 2015-2016, the

Time can be a slow and long, but all the players Leela Academy know that it is conditional.

In reality, the time-being there, just as there is no space, physical beings, and especially of the subject, which allegedly perceives all visible and feels.

The past season was a game marked by the fact that at the Oasis Awakening

  • site was launched,
  • Center for Individual retreats "Samadhi"
  • Game Travel in South Korea, South America and long silent retreats combined with the gaming journey in Thailand and India.
  • Remote Winter Games for the first time were from the personal website of the Cabinet.
  • All current Academy players have been verified Leela game levels. Some players have confirmed their levels during remote play.
  • In 2015, The Ministry of the Oasis Awakening accessible to players of all levels on the project Pablisher, which is now continuing its work. Players for the ministry in the project Pablisher, have been translated and published in texts already two books: the second and seventh knigi.Na stage we are preparing a whole series of books.
  • Throughout the 2014- '15 "Open Hearts" continued to study counseling skills and successfully consulted not only on internal retreats with Rama, but also in Winter for the Remote training system games Leela Academy.
  • In the process of training the players in Leela Academy, we can see the dynamic changes players actively playing, reading their reports, the final part in the sweepstakes or other forces. 

But now, reading these lines, the very moment now- swallowed all that "was" and currently continues to create new creative force and draws up new opportunities to gain personal power for players of all levels Leela Academy, which creates a continuous movement on the Path.

In 2015 - training system in Academy Lila presented the training program, which consists of:

  • remote games,
  • Video retreats yoh 4 floors practices
  • full-time retreats,
  • travel game,
  • long silent retreats,
  • Skype-consultations retreats.

All of your previous achievements have meaning only in the context of your ability to play the new drawings of a higher level.

Playing as the main Dar Exemption continues.

So, the new game season 2016-2017 at the Academy of Lila starts and opens its spring intramural retreat with Rama, "Vipassana or accept the reality," Part 1.

At stake is played "The Power of Vision Games"


WITH LOVE, Sangha Oasis Awakening.



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