Diary of the Remote Third Winter Games. 11. Issue (Part 2)

Thursday 05 March, 2015


The result of my game is that enormous experience gained during remote gaming, the game did not allow sleep. Yes, there were moments of recessions, but that is the reality. Clearly deepened knowledge of who the all-did I? Strengthen their skills to be in the present moment, what happens as soon as an event, sign, go to the feeling, the emotion, the feeling in the body in the present moment, as contact with the truth. And I do not give a stroke and could not believe the thoughts and beliefs, see conceptual beliefs. I realize the moment of perceiving the world through 6 senses, seeing the illusory nature of the material world (eg tree -vizhu green leaves, hear the rustle of the leaves, feel the hardness of the barrel, the smell of resin), wood and all of its component concept and currently sensations - a reality.

I see the game of consciousness according to the mission and it's fun and interesting !!!

In essence everywhere and always only my manifestation, my game! I live the experience of loss, knowing that they had never been, and never will be! This is just my (mind) fantasy. Yes, as long as there is identification with the body, fears and tendencies overflowed. But now is the knowledge and experience, vision of the game, how to give and not to take seriously all manifestations of consciousness. Just trust in the present moment. There contentment, peace, total acceptance, peace and trust. Consciousness sends you, frame, gratitude and love.


As the game went inner restlessness: And whether I'm doing, and all I'm doing ?, which replaced the adoption and inner peace, and as a consequence of foreign confidence. My inner circle unconsciously wanted to be closer to me.

     Who am I? I am not the body, and the spirit that watches over the body, how it moves, it says that he feels as responsive.


About change .... What has changed during this remote Games?

On the one hand, everything is constantly changing ... changing for some cycles ... big small, annual and daily, etc .... it is clear that nothing stands still ... but as to whom and what everything changes? ... it means something or someone who sees the change itself is fixed ??? and who is it? if I write about it, I mean always? someone who can see these changes? ...

For the first CI Practice Makes irregular and did not particularly worried about it ...


Now I write to the level of consciousness and enjoy being here and now!

I have no consciousness of the form and content! I am the eternal and infinite!

I am currently without a past and future!

I am the perfect and permanent!

I have a breath of life!

I do not affect or bother everyone comes and goes in the stream of consciousness!

There is one player - Consciousness which gives each role and having fun, going through the spectrum of perception, harmonizing the processes of life!

I watch the present moment, it is only the real, the rest is an illusion!

I am Meditation !!!

I have a game !!!

I am Consciousness !!!


"When Buddha took off their masks,

When their bodies have become light and disappeared,

I looked around and saw nothing,

Because there was nothing


When all the mantras, voice and songs have become one -


And I looked inward

 And I did not see anything there

 Because there was nothing

 In addition to the dance space


And in the mirror was not my reflection,

And the mirror itself was not,

I myself became a mirror,

And people looked at him, and their egos trembling,

Afraid to lose yourself forever.

Oh, if they knew that the ego is not, and has not been


Both women thought that love me,

And I could not answer them - they loved

 Not me, but my reflection in the mirror

 His mind.

It always happens.

There was not happening.

Both men believed that hate me,

And I could not fight them - they looked

 In his reflections, and called for the fight

 Themselves in the mirror

 His mind.

It always happens.

There was not happening.

And when all this was happening in the mirror of my mind,

I laughed, I could not help but laugh,

And the space was laughing with me,

And laughing about one thing, we merged,

And I could not understand where this face

 Between me and the space.

Until I saw that it was only a limitation in my mind

 The difference between me and the space

 And there was not


And it became possible,

And it is not necessary to go,

Trying to do something, to be someone.

It seemed that it happened by itself,

But, like everything else in this world, it was the cause.

And I see a way past my body

 In the space of our minds,

Before it happened, and the space was shining.

But it's not like anything

 And this is not happening.

Right now.

In the space of our minds. "



Happy to talk about spiritual practice, internal search if asked. Now I sit in meditation with pleasure, allowed to be around (even sleep))), do not blame yourself for falling asleep, the wine - it is a struggle and rejection, just accept. I became much more internally calm, harmonious look at all aspects of life quietly, allowing to be around. Even if the outside occasionally raging emotions inside tishina.Ochen glad to get acquainted with domestic observers, found it for themselves support and trust. I write, and he was involved, laughs and sends me the idea - so I was you!))) That's right, the mind continues to divide all))) So who am I? - I want to say - God and I - nothing, I - consciousness is aware of itself in every moment of life, I do - something with which identifies every moment of life, if the body is aware -That body if duh- the spirit, if the breath - the breath etc. are endless moments ZhIZNI.Tak that I or anyone I? Trying to make sense, but it defies understanding, is something boundless, endless and at the same time, the current and temporary, permanent and permanent ... I can not answer unequivocally, feeling as though my mind is split into millions of fragments of sensations and moments hard to describe because I can penetrate the consciousness everywhere, and penetrate (and has bird and dolphin, and plant and blizzard). If you say I- consciousness, what is consciousness? I just eat what is, or rather not have and am. I AM ALL?! ... Thank you frame and command Oasis Awakening for revival!


Rama, I do not know whether you can clear up in remote Games probably can))) But what is progress in the awareness of "what is it?" - Is no doubt! So the mind begins to understand what happens to the soul; with the character; the causes of what is happening; somehow it decomposed on the shelves and sistematiziruetsya.Ya understand that I am willing to Wednesday, accessible and open to anything that gives me LIFE AND PRESENT


That ended 3 remote winter games! Time has flown by like a flash! And all the time here and now. Eventful - here and New Year holidays, the New Year holidays, in general, celebrities and everyday life - it's a continuous work - interior work on the awareness of WHO Ya Games helped me cope with the large volume of work. In the body of my energy - just some deep bottomless well of energy, from which I draw strength. I just have - any. It has its different shade, blind spots, the solution of the border. Meditation helps to be here and now. It is used in various meditation techniques of the inner workings, including energy illahinur. And most of the practice of presence. Always and everywhere. There is only a moment of now. I no longer "go" in the past and the future. And if the memory of the past and flashed at me - I take it calmly. The emotional background - the emotions are different, I know that emotions - it's not me. I had the confidence in the world, I began to open the entire experience which offers me consciousness. I stopped fighting. Aware of their resistance. I see his resistance. Acceptance and delivery - these skills improve. I take responsibility for all of the events - I myself create everything that happens. Thoughts are like clouds without touching me. Events during this time - assistant fell ill, and I do the work of two. Just I do the work as I can. Fears the thought that I could not do it, went away, thinking changed - Life takes care of me and sends these events and characters that I need for my awakening. And in fact, I have an unexpected helpers. They came at the right time and the right place! I became more confident - I go in fear of condemnation. Calm attitude to criticism and praise. My husband is constantly sick. Allow to happen to all that is happening. At work, there is a major overhaul of the concert hall - destroyed all the old and erecting new house was built next to the new center. Yes, and these changes are good or bad, right or wrong occur continuously. And everything that happens - all right. The World Around - an illusion.

WHO AM I? I - consciousness of unity. I - one, the whole boundless. I'm in the game. I play with them itself. I am sleeping and awake. I'm watching. Dream Source.

Thank Consciousness per game. Thank Rama, because he is my dream. I - a boundless field of LOVE! I LOVE EVERYONE! THANKS TO ALL!


The game is over, but for me it is just the beginning :)

 I began to feel happier and feel the harmony of the body and its movements. I continue to work on the victim lives in me, and painful sensations of his body. The events of my life, perhaps, not much has changed, but changed their coloration and importance.


What are the results of my game. My awareness was the higher level of perception of pain was lower! Victim of my character actively eradicated! What is very happy! I ceased to be vulnerable and resentful, angry and vengeful. And all these changes, I accept!

I realized that the practice - it is not just an hour in the morning, in the evening hours ... all day, in awareness, in feeling now. When here and now I have to catch their own tail, and I understand some of the keys now works. It helps to understand yourself.

I feel an inner readiness to continue the practical application-established skills in working with keys. The study and understanding of ...

Grateful for a complete and clear to me, penetrating to a depth of comments. They accurately hit the target every time I read them. Each phrase set me on the continuation of the game, to work on awareness. Thank you!


I continued depressed state. Nothing pleases, do not want to do. And behind all this self-criticism is invisible, worthlessness, escape from weakness. Any business deliver discomfort, I'm running to read the news and all sorts of books, day passes just to perekantovatsya.

But, nevertheless, there is an understanding that it is I myself I create for myself a gray reality and it will not change by itself. So still I was happy with everything.

    Rama Comment: What you describe as a depression - a natural process of awakening. Many of those who have implemented (eg Ethart Tole), describes the state preceded the Enlightenment as deep depression ... Of course, depression - is a lack of energy. Perhaps a change of levels of existence, with awareness of ourselves as bodies in the awareness of himself as a direct source - requires a complete shift of the energy supply from the - from sources outside of the (illusory), on - the true source, which is still to be detected.

Former source gradually becomes unsatisfying, and a new source has not been found and there is a stable connection to it-here this time to awaken and manifest depression.

This period is inhabited all-who goes on this way (and I at one time). A reaction to this all the more dependent on this type of constitution (for example, taken from Ayurveda) such as kafy- more prone to inactivity and despondency and nothing-doing, pitta (fire) - hyperactivity and exhausting practices, Watt (goes to the illusory world of abstraction) and thus protected by that feeling ...

Depression is inevitable for some time (several years), it is a side effect of awakening. By the way - it is actually you and continues for several years, just before you did not notice it (running away in the protection and not having enough personal power of self-awareness).

But it might frighten you, if you moved to this awakening one and did not understand what you're going and what's more, no accumulated effect of self-awareness ...

And you had to accumulate the power of self-realization (personal power) and you can still see the depression and not to identify with it completely - this is important!

What to do?

We must follow the path! Path - this is what sredstvo- which treats depression. And your path - the path games- respectively continue to play! In whatever state you may be, Feel, sense the game of consciousness and everything will happen in any case, because we need you!


ARTICLE IS status: Game is passed.

Play it!



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