I only suggest to find out the TRUTH!

Tuesday 22 September, 2020

Last weekend, near Vladivostok, where intramural retreat center Leela Academy in Russia, opened a new season-person retreats with Rama, which will consist of a 3-yoh parts.

Current Academy players Lila, gathered from different cities on the drawing force.

Since 2016 full-time retreats Rama can participate only players acting Academy Lila, trainees under the program Leela Academy.

Total focus on the game, asked at the very beginning of the season very cool determine the direction of its internal search.

Thanks to the various instruments used for visual learning, the players clearly made a choice in the direction of movement into the unknown!

On the second day of the retreat, each player was put in front of an honest path selection and awareness of the entire responsibility of their choice.

After this selection, the ability to go back to his or her character is lost and the seeker will have to always go only forward and inward!
Players playing, meditating and playing again and again to meditate!
It is impossible to explain what truth is, everyone needs to know the truth on their own experience, everyone should see her!

The Leela.



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